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LEGOLAND Windsor – Family fun for all ages!


Me and the little Mossters are massive fans of LEGOLAND Windsor – it’s somewhere we’ve visited plenty of times and will continue to for years to come. G has grown up visiting Windsor’s biggest attraction, and J has too – it’s a fantastic day out for families. I think what makes LEGOLAND Windsor such an amazing place to visit for […]

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Do Bloggers have Babies for free stuff ? – The FAQ


Jeeeeeezy Creezy, my post from yesterday seemed to upset a LOT of people, mostly for the wrong reasons, and some – well because a lot of bloggers like to bitch and moan about anyone who has an opinion different from their own. Some took to Twitter and the comments section to air their disdain, others hid behind the secrecy of […]

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Do Bloggers have Babies for free stuff ?


When J was a bump in his mum’s tummy, I didn’t really blog all that much, I wrote blogs about how the pregnancy was progressing, and even wrote for Emma’s Diary (before they sacked me) doing the same. My hope was that another ‘Dad to be’ might stumble across what I was writing, and realise what him and his partner […]

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Review – Beefeater – The Albert, Colchester


Blogging turns up a mix of interesting opportunities, a lot of them are a little ridiculous and don’t really ‘fit’ me and the blog. When I had an email from the nice folks at Beefeater offering us a meal – I did consider firing back a response saying that for two vegetarians somewhere like that would be for us. Instead […]

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Start spreading the news, I’m leaving today…


Well.. No.. I’m not – but in April.. I’M OFF TO NEW YORK! Yes this quite poorly travelled chap is finally going to the States, and I’m SO excited. The reason for the trip is for the wedding of Miss A’s brother, as well as a bit of a holiday. Regular readers will know I don’t REALLY ‘holiday’, although I […]

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Derren Brown’s Ghost Train – Arriving at Thorpe Park in 2016


With last week’s announcement of Galactica at Alton Towers, Thorpe Park – The island like no other has revealed its dark secret for 2016 – Derren Brown’s Ghost Train. Thorpe Park have been extremely secretive about their 2016 ride, with cryptic imagery appearing all over their website ‘Minds Wanted‘. Today, some of the secrets were finally revealed with a press […]

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Galactica – Alton Towers Resort’s New Ride for 2016 – #Galactica

Image (5)

There have been rumours flying around for a while now that Alton Towers Resort would be transforming the classic flying rollercoaster Air into something VERY special for 2016, and today, the world found out exactly what that was Galactica It’s the world’s first rollercoaster dedicated to Virtual Reality, and will send riders off on onto an intergalactic journey via headsets […]

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