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The Fairytale of New York


Hello! This is probably the longest I’ve not posted anything for a while, and that’s largely because I’m on holiday in New York! It’s been a busy few days, the jet lag wasn’t as bad as I was expecting and it’s a wonderful place to hang out. I’ll probably write more about everything in time, but our main purpose for […]

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Three ways that I’ve upped my hot beverage game!


Ahh man, it sounds like a bit of a sponsored post title, but no it’s really not! A few neat little gadgets and gizmos have appeared in my life recently and I really wanted to tell you about them. Our kettle recently died, and I had my eye on a ‘WiFi Kettle’ – the idea sounded incredible, but the reviews […]

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Unveiled – The Derren Brown’s Ghost Train Demon


I’ve been sent some imagery and video footage of one of the elements with Derren Brown’s Ghost Train being ‘tested’ on unsuspecting members of Thorpe Park staff, and the result, well can be seen in the video above. The Demon looks amazing, and extremely convincing and I think I’d scream if it came charging towards me! Although very little is […]

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Say hello to my leeeeetle friend!


You might or might not know that it was my birthday recently, and I was a very spoilt boy by everyone, not least Miss A – she presented me with a new shiny.. I’ve had my eye on this bad boy for a while now – I’ve missed having a DSLR. The 42MP Sensor on my trusty Nokia Lumia 1020 […]

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Competition – Win Monopoly Empire!


You might not have heard, but from now until May 15th, Hasbro, makers of so many children’s toys and games are looking for the ‘next big thing’ in the ‘face to face’ gaming world and are looking for people to submit their ideas to It is the first time that Hasbro has run a competition for people in the UK […]

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Blogging Award Bullshit


Urgh, the awards season is upon us, no, not the Oscars, or BAFTAs, or EVEN the Mercury Music Prize. BLOGGING AWARDS Usually you’ll get some beggy Facebook Updates and Tweets, which is tolerable, and hey, we’ve all done it. But this year has seen an epic amount of twat badgery – it’s now all about SPONSORED begging in the form of […]

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