.. if they did they’d have more bloody staff on the phones!

As you know – I love my phone – and I use Nokia Maps a lot. Obviously with Nokia Maps youhave to buy a licence to use the Voice Navigation. Which is fine. You can do this by SMS, Credit Card etc. I use the SMS option, as I don’t want to faff with my credit card, I just want it to work. For some reason, I seem to have been sent far too multiple premium rate SMS’s – which has elevated my bill, not massively, but enough.

A look around Nokia.co.uk yeilded nothing. So I spotted a number for ‘Nokia Care’ – sounds all warm and fuzzy doesn’t it? Not really? I get through quickly, to a simple menu, no option to speak to a human being, just.. well some vague options. I pick one of them, straight away, a human answers.. Fantastic! I explain my problem, and his response is a rather curt ‘You’ll have to speak to someone technical’. I start to say ‘Okay, that’s fine…’ and the phone cuts to some hold music, seemed very rude to me!

Then I wait…

and do some more waiting..

After 30 mins of waiting, i’m cross, I hang up. There is no indication as to queue times, or a ‘call me back’ system. NOTHING.

Nokia Care my ARSE!

More on this soon.

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