This article here has inspired me to upgrade my Acer Aspire One 150 Netbook to have HD Accelaration. I do love my netbook, but it does lack punch in this department, so i’m gonna attempt to upgrade it, and this blog post will hopefully be a sort of ‘how to’ guide when it’s done. Thus far I have purchased this from eBay – it’s a Broadcom BCM70012  HD Accelerator mini PCI-e card. That’s on it’s way from overseas. It goes into the laptops Mini PCI-e slot, sadly this is occupied by the Wireless Network card currently, so this will have to be removed, and i’ll have to use a dongle. A bit of a PITA but probably worth it.

I’ve also downloaded the drivers (in readiness) – they can be found here  and an accelerated version of ArcSoft’s Total Media Theater that is optimised for the card is here . I’ll probably host copies of the drivers here at a later date. So the theory is, get the card, open up laptop, swap out the cards, and et voila, HD goodness! Keep your eye on here to find out!

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