Should you get your child Christened / Baptised?

There seems to be a growing trend among new parents to get their offspring Christened. That’s fine, but is everyone doing it for the right reason? As my (limited) understanding goes, a Christening serves as your child’s first step into Christianity. Let’s check Wikipedia..

 ‘In Christianity, baptism (from the Greek noun baptisma; itself derived from baptismos, ritual washing)[2] is for the majority the rite of admission(or adoption[3]), almost invariably with the use of water, into the Christian Church generally[4] and also membership of a particular church tradition. Baptism has been called a sacrament and an ordinance of Jesus Christ.’

So there you have it. I come from a religious family, I was baptised, and went to Church / Sunday School pretty much until I was a teenager. It was what my parents / family wanted, and when I got to an age where I could make an informed choice to go or not, I chose not to, and have only been in a church on a handful of occasions since. I’m not religious, I’m happy people have their religion, and know that it offers comfort to millions across the globe.

We do live in times where church attendance rates are slowly falling and people aren’t as religious as they used to be. So what’s with all the Christenings? It’s a good question; you’d hope that the parents of said children were keen to get their offspring onto the path of Christ. I’d assume the parents would themselves be Christians and visit church on a regular basis. Is this the case? I’m really not sure.

A Christening these days seems to be an excuse for a bit of a knee’s up, a gathering, and probably they’ll be some sort of gift list. It’s fine to celebrate the birth of your child, get people together, and maybe get a few cheeky presents, but does it have to be done under the guise of a religious act?

What’s the point in wasting your time, and indeed the church’s time partaking in a ceremony that ultimately to you means nothing? If you’ve got no intention in going to church after the Christening why not hold a naming ceremony instead? You get, the knees up, the gathering, and probably gifts, but without the need to pretend you’re religious for a day.

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