*Klaxon Sound* Socially awkward moment ahead!
This Friday, I’m taking the day off, I’m off to somewhere in Bucks for the Emma’s Diary Bloggers Meet and Greet. I’m dreading and looking forward to this in equal measure.
Well… I don’t like meeting new people.
Hmm no.. actually that’s not true, I DO like meeting new people, I’m just not very good at it! I’m sure everyone will be wonderful, and lovely, but.. gahh. it’s NEW PEOPLE! Really though, it will be okay, it’ll be nice to meet other parents, chat, make connections and maybe friends.. But ARRRRGGGGGHHH NEW PEOPLE.
Thankfully the ‘star’ of my Pregnancy based Emma’s Diary blogs, Loz, will be there with me. As she often says she’s ‘Penn’ to my ‘Teller’, which is very true, she’ll talk, I’ll nod, and listen, and then maybe whisper something in her ear. Actually, I’m more Sooty to her Soo (I think that’s how Soo in that context is spelt, rather than Sue *Googles* YES I’m right!). It helps in a way, I can get the lay of the land with a person and hopefully interject with something appropriate.
We’ve been asked to make a small introduction about ourselves to the assembled group, I think the last time I spoke like that was at my Dad’s wedding.I’ve been musing over what to say in my introduction,  I thought it might be an idea to open it with a joke.
‘I’ve been told to the best way to conquer nerves whilst addressing a large group of people is to imagine them naked……. that’s why I’m no longer a Headmaster.’
Yes.. That’s right – I considered standing in front of lots of mums and make a joke about a fictional job as a fictional paedophile headteacher. *Sigh* I’m an idiot.
I’m sure it will be fine. It will, won’t it?

6 thoughts on “You know when you blog, and you muse over hitting the publish button? That.

  1. Another Goldfish says:

    I suspect many of us are feeling like that. I feel a bit out of place as I think I'm the only person going who doesn't have any children (or at least one on the way).

    That blogger introduction also has me a bit baffled. I've moved so far away the original blog concept, I'm not sure what my goal or aim is anymore. I'm kind of waiting to see where it takes me.

  2. Bells says:

    looking forward to meeting you both there! i'll be bringing the 'finished product' (my 4 month old son) with me so i'm hoping (and HOPING! and hoping some more) that he's going to be his usual, cheerful, low maintenance self and not the 'nightmare baby' he sometimes morphs into when faced with an unknown situation and hordes of unknown people. yeah. uh oh!

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