Baroosh in Chelmsford is awesome – there has been a branch in Chelmsford for nearly five years now and I’ve been a customer since it opened. I organised our school reunion there, and even started off my stag do there, it’s one of Chelmsford’s best night spots.

It’s not like every other bar in Chelmsford because it has a strict ‘Over 21’s’ policy, which keeps most of the teenagers at bay. Also whilst not being stupidly expensive the prices seem to be at a level to keep the ‘Wetherspoons’ crowd out, so by day it isn’t filled with pissed up old men, and by night there is hardly a chav in sight. This creates a nice chilled atmosphere, even when it’s packed to the rafters there is a warm feeling, rather than the feeling you’ll be glassed if you make a wrong move.

It’s also been maintained to a good standard, whilst there hasn’t been any real refurbishment since it opened all the fabrics and finishes are holding up well, there aren’t any rips or tears on the soft furnishings. Everything looks brilliant, the only glaring negative is the floor of the men’s toilets, it needs some attention.

Baroosh Chelmsford – Image borrowed from their website 😉

Onto the focus of any such establishment, the food and drink. Well they have a massive range behind the bar, non alcoholics (and pregnant ladies) are well looked after with a range of alcohol-free drinks and cocktails. Their teas and coffees are excellent, I had a latte in there on Saturday, it was everything a latte should be. Gorgeous!

For anyone who likes a tipple they have a cracking selection of pretty much EVERYTHING, the cocktails they knock up are beautiful.  The food, oh the food – it’s fucking amazing – really really good, and the best thing, it’s well priced – of course it’s more expensive than the ‘2 meals for £6’ you’ll get a your local ‘spoons, you get what you pay for. It’s cooked fresh and lovingly served on a wide range of quirky platters, rather than thrown in a microwave and nuked to oblivion. There is something for everyone and I’ve never had a bad meal in there, it’s always been superb.

Special mention has to go to the staff, they are wonderful. You always get a nice smile and ‘hello’ when you walk in, and they are always happy to help and have a little chat. They all seem very knowledgeable about the food and drink they offer, and nothing ever seems too much trouble. The manager George and the rest of the team are fantastic and are the ‘cherry on the top’ of an already top notch place.

I think my only negative about it (which applies to a lot of bars), is the toilet attendants you find on weekend nights. I really dislike being harassed when I’m going to the toilet, I am able to dry my own hands, I don’t need a squirt of JPG, I don’t want a lollipop – just let me get on with the job in hand and return to my table.

Regardless – if you want a good night out, or just a quick coffee during the day, you really can’t beat Baroosh.

Check out their website!

2 thoughts on “Baroosh, Chelmsford – I love it.

  1. DannyUK says:

    I've never been a big fan of Baroosh – it always looks so bloody dark in there.  That said, the one or two occassions I've been in there, darkness aside, I've enjoyed it.

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