I decided to have a play with my new camera. I’ve not read the manual yet. I will do at some point, but the camera does have lots of helpful prompts as you operate it so it’s fairly easy to pick up the basics! I took some pics of G and the cat; they probably needed the flash as our dining room is dark, but the cat ran away after two pictures! 🙂

The next thing to try was the zoom. It’s a ’35x Zoom’ and it is difficult to picture.

This is the lens fully retracted to 24mm.
And this is it out to 840mm – These are the masts at the top of the flats!

We then went in to town for a wander… I took some shots of Shire Hall, where we got married.

I switched on the ‘Toy Camera’ effect on the camera and took this…
Shire Hall – Through a ‘toy camera’
Love it! 🙂 Very retro looking! Whilst we had lunch I had a little play with it.
A Lozzie captured in the wild with no flash, nice!

One of the effects built into the camera is the ‘highlight’ where you can isolate a colour, keeping it in the photo, and ‘drain’ the rest to black and white (like the little girl in Schindlers List wearing the red coat). I tried isolating the green in the wall behind Loz… It sort of worked.

It picks out all the greeny tones from around the image.

I tried again, isolating the red from the ceiling lights. Bingo!

All the colour gone apart from the Red. Clever!

Then for a low light pudding shot…

When we left I tried the ‘Tilt Shift / Miniature’ type effect on the camera on the High Street.
Yeah it does sorta work.

I think that effect would work better shooting looking down from above. Might try it on the edge of the multi storey sometime!

Finally I took three pictures in a row to stitch into a panoramic picture. I believe there may be a way of doing this on the camera, but I used good ol’ ‘Photo Merge’ in Photoshop.
Panoramic High Street

Really pleased with the results. I imagine there is a lot to learn about this camera. All the images are straight from the camera – I’ve not tweaked them in Photoshop (aside from the last one!). I look forward to playing some more with it!

One thought on “A brief play with the Canon SX40 HS (Photo Heavy!)

  1. Mark says:

    with tilt n shift you have to be further away. if you've got an iPad there are lots of great photo manipulation apps

    @markspringett 🙂

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