I’m on the train.. choo choo! Time to whack out the tablet and blog.

It’s actually weird to think that in two months or so, what I’m doing now won’t be as carefree or breezy. What am I doing? Well to be blunt I’m nipping in to London to get drunk. Loz has arranged to meet her lovely ‘London’ friends and their respective partners, I wasn’t planning on going until about midday. Come the end of April, I won’t be able to be as footloose and fancy free, because our little man will be here.

I only have very vague recollections about the impact of a baby into your life, G is growing into a beautiful independent lady, and we’re starting from scratch with little man. Also I don’t have Georgia all the time, she lives with her mum for the most part, so it’s going to be quite a shock to the system knowing that I can’t just jump on train and go and get pissed. You’re probably thinking ‘why have a baby then?’, fair point. The thing is, I don’t really mind about being in with little man and being all sensible, I’ve done the drinking and other misc. naughtiness thing. I’m 30, I’m happy with my lot, I’ve got a fantastic wife, an amazing daughter, and soon a bouncing baby, this is what I want. This is all I ever wanted.

I’m sure we’ll have our nights out after he’s born, there were discussions of ‘wetting the baby’s head’ last night. When I did that with G that was probably the most pissed I’ve ever been. I woke up with my shirt off, trousers and shoes on, and both covered in sick and had no recollection of how I’d got to where I was (Carolyn’s flat). Hopefully the next ‘wetting’ won’t be as extreme, aside, it will.. 😉 The big nights will just need more planning and assistance from our wonderful family and friends. Kids are a blessing, but it’s important not to forget who you are – you need a little time off from being ‘Daddy and Mummy’.

Right.. I need to stop typing, the ol motion sickness is kicking in, apologies if the spelling and grammar are a little wonky, the keyboard is soo wickle!

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