So yesterday was my birthday! I didn’t really know what was going on as it was very much a ‘fluid’ day. It started with a wee bit of work. I had the photos of the ULCH Macmillan Cancer Care Centre to finish editing so I did some of those and late morning we had some guests in the form of the Mother In Law and Karen. MIL is always good at getting presents – the 32Gb Memory Card for my camera is AWESOME!

We went off to ‘The Flaming Grill at the Queen B’ for lunch. They’d e-mailed me a voucher for a free bottle of wine for my birthday which certainly helped the meal down! 🙂 I’ve never really done much drinking in the daytime so when we left the pub, I felt a little giddy! We decided to show MIL where the hospital is as she’ll hopefully be rushing down to be here during the birth of baby Hakes. The plan was to park and show her where the maternity dept. was. Alas the car park was RAMMED so we just had to give some directions as we drove out. Never mind!

We came back home for several cups of tea and before we knew it, it was 18.30 and MIL and Karen had to leave. Loz had told me she was taking me out for dinner so we popped to Baroosh for some lovely food – the Chorizo Focaccia is AMAZING! By this time I’d had a bit more to drink and was wanting to make more of a night of it. Thankfully Chris, Dan, and Natasha were available and joined in the drinking 🙂 Baroosh had also sent me a ‘free bottle of bubbly’ voucher so we swiftly cashed that in!

Baroosh are running a competition at the moment where they have hidden two tiny Easter chicks around the bar and if you find them you get to choose from a selection of prizes. Yesterday the prizes were two free cocktails or breakfast for two. We all had a hunt around for them, and after a little bit of help, Loz found one! She let me have the voucher which was for two free cocktails. Dan, Tash and Chris picked out two cocktails for me to try… both of them were ‘alright’ – perhaps a little too sweet for my taste but hey, they were FREE!

Chris managed to find the second chick and he gave the voucher to me, so on Saturday, Loz and I are going there to claim our two free breakfasts!

The night crept on and the tone of the conversation slowly dropped to new lows. I was also randomly snapping photos, much to the annoyance of Dan (he dislikes having his picture taken). I was a bit tipsy. I didn’t care 🙂

We decided to wander to the Hot House as I fancied a strawberry beer (Fruli). We got outside to find it pissing down. The nearest bar was ‘The Ivory Peg’ – it’s a Weatherspoons (nuff said!). It was very quiet when we got there (obviously the old men who normally drink all day in there had gone home!). We got a round of drinks and after, these photos were taken….

I decided to make a little video..
*Shakes head*. Anyway, it was a rather top and spontaneous night out! Thanks for those involved! 🙂

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