As I mentioned last night / this morning we had an appointment with the Consultant today – Loz has written a bit on her blog – read that ! 🙂

Before we left I got a knock on the door, it was a guy from Virgin Media. He explained that he was part of a ‘pre-installation’ team who check the cable outlets to a property before an install happens. He’d looked at our outlet last week and found it to be tarmacked over and not in very good condition, so he was back to repair it!

He explained that he would need to dig up a bit of pavement, and drill a hole in our wall to feed the cable through. I let them crack on and they were done in under 30 minutes. Brilliant!

He said they did this type of work because the installer wouldn’t be able to fix the issues if he found them on the day! What brilliant forward planning! It’s good to know that everything is already for the engineer on Thursday, and it should all proceed without a hitch! 🙂

New Virgin Media outlet on the pavement ready to rock!
Cable ready to go in on Thursday! 🙂

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