I love tea. I consume an obscene amount of it every day, probably more than is healthy. I drink ‘standard’ tea, PG Tips or Tetley normally. I have dabbled with fruit and herbal tea, with little success, it generally smells delicious, but tastes pretty dull, When I saw a tweet a few weeks ago from @PureFreshTea offering bloggers some free samples I leapt at the chance, and last week my little selection pack arrived.

My three free teas!

So during this week I’ve been trying a different one each day and writing down my thoughts on them.

First up Black Lavender

Black Lavender Tea

‘Tian Hu Shan black tea, French lavender leaves and bergamot oil. has a very relaxing effect.’

I must admit to feeling very dubious about a lavender / tea mash up, but really, wow, it works very well. It smells incredible and tastes even better, very ‘Earl Grey’ but with a pleasant and cheeky twist. Amazing!

Fantastic start!

The next was ‘Golden Chamomile

Golden Chomomile Tea

‘No dust here! Just whole PureTea Chamomile, bursting with goodness. Well known for it’s calming effect, this is the perfect delicious nightime beverage.’

This was my favourite, it was smooth and creamy and had a slight hint of honey to it, very soothing and warming, great for bedtime too as it’s caffeine free! This is the sort of thing I’d like to drink if I had a cold! I want a truck load of this! 🙂

The last one (sadly!) was ‘Natural Mint

Natural Mint Tea

‘Delicious, caffeine free mint tea. A wonderfully light and refreshing mint tea, perfect for any 

I must admit leaving this one to last as I didn’t think I’d enjoy it as much as the others. I was suprised though, it was pretty good! It’s made from whole peppermint leaves, and that’s it! I quite enjoyed it, and am pleased I tried it, it was still my least favourite of these three, but still nice!

I’d like to say a massive thank you to Pure Fresh Tea for sending me these samples! I didn’t know what to expect and I was over the moon with them! The tea certainly isn’t cheap. You do get what you pay for, it’s top quality, organic loose leaf tea, contained in an organza pyramid bag and then individually hand-wrapped in a box to retain freshness. So very much a premium product and more as a treat, than something you knock back all day. I’ve noticed they sell beautiful gift boxes of various sizes, definitely a worthwhile treat for the tea drinker in your life! 🙂

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