Rather than do an update to the previous blog, I thought this warranted a new post, as there have been some developments. I’d not heard anything back from Tesco Direct, despite a call being promised this morning. Yodel on the other hand have been very helpful, they’ve finally told me that they can’t locate my parcel and that I now need to deal with Tesco. That’s essentially ‘We can’t find your parcel – you’re Tesco’s customer – they have to tell you that it’s missing’, which I understand as I’m not their customer, Tesco is.

I do feel sorry for the Twitter team for @UKTesco – they are perfectly delightful and charming and will have any grocery based issue sorted as quick as a flash. When it comes to their ‘Tesco Direct’ operation, well, they can’t do much it seems. I think it’s pretty fucking shambolic to make a customer wait so long. If they’d been more on the ball and rang me this morning, I’m sure they could have organised a replacement unit to be delivered tomorrow. It shouldn’t be on me to chase and apply pressure, I’m the customer!

After about an hour of hearing from Yodel I got a call from a lady at Tesco, In the red mist haze that currently occupies my mind, I didn’t catch her name. She was very nice, polite and courteous, and whilst my heart was screaming ‘I hate your company, you must all die for my inconvenience!’, my head realised it would be counter-productive to call her a cunt, and that I should listen to her. She informed me that the parcel had gone missing and that Yodel were searching the warehouse for it as we speak. She was ordering me a replacement that would be with me on Monday (as it was too late to get one here for Saturday). After a few grumbles I thanked her and let her get on with her day. Having worked in customer services in a previous life, I know how horrid it is to be at the tail end of an angry sweary customer, my gripe isn’t with her, and I didn’t want to spoil her weekend with my vicious tongue.

So, that’s where the story ends for now, I’ve got the customer service email address and I’m going to vent into that. It’s easier to get your point across in writing, rather than swearing at someone who is just doing their job.

In better news the builders gave us £20 to pay for the electricity they ‘borrowed’ on two occasions, so Bombay Fusion are bringing us dinner.

4 thoughts on “So my Nexus 7 has been lost (read stolen) by Yodel @YodelOnline

  1. Rob says:

    Do you think swearing makes your point any better.I would think not. That person at the end of the phone is someone's mother. Show some respect!!

  2. EllaRalph says:

    Just putting it out there… I'm pretty sure the point of the post was that the writer DIDN'T swear at the customer service representative, having done a similar job himself in the past and also (what with him being an intelligent human being and not a moron) he understands that this situation is not the fault of one individual.

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