We’ve used Ocado to deliver our shopping a few times now, the service has always been excellent, and the prices reasonable. We’re very much Tesco shoppers, mostly because of the Clubcard scheme, it pays for Merlin Annual Passes.

It seems Ocado don’t like being ‘humped and dumped’ much, if you use them and then don’t use them again for a while, each week they come crying into your inbox, like a needy ex, begging you to use them, show you how much better they are than you remember, and swaying you with an offer you can’t refuse. Today’s offer was 20% off a £60 shop, it’s usually something like this, £20 off an £80 shop is another favourite. I’m sure there is an ‘unsubscribe’ somewhere to stop my needy ex supermarket from oining me, but I’ll let them carry on, maybe one week I’ll go back to them..


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