When you have a baby, it’s very easy to piss massive amounts of money up the wall on stuff you don’t really need! I just thought I’d compile a list of all the things we’ve got J that have been worth every penny.

1 – Tippitoes Mini Bath (£11.99)
This is probably one of the cheapest things we’ve purchased, but it is wonderful! It’s so easy to bathe him in this as you don’t need to hold on to him. The ‘stop’ at the end prevents him from sliding down, and even when he’s fidgeting lots, he just doesn’t budge. Love it!


2 – Nanny Breathing Monitor (£74.99)
I did think this could be a  bit OTT, but as our baby is a tummy sleeper, it really is fabulous. I did a quick review here, and it’s been a wonderful buy. It’s easy to set up and has only given use false alarms when J has wriggled right to the extremities of the cot (although you can buy an additional pad to monitor a full cot bed!). It’s definitely not cheap, but it works brilliantly and is easy to set up and use.


 3 – Summer Infant Baby Touch Digital Video Monitor (£129.99)
Again, not a cheap item by any means, but it’s been wonderful to see what little dude is up to in his cot, and also it’s very handy to see if he’s actually awake, or just grumbling in his sleep. Once again it’s very easy to set up and works well!


 4 – Angelcare Nappy Disposal System (£7.49)
You might get a free voucher for one of these in your Bounty Bag when you leave the hospital. We’ve got one of these in J’s room and it’s really handy to have. No messing with fiddly bags, just push the nappy in and BOSH! It’s gone! Seems to keep the smells at bay too. The refills last about about a month. My only complaint is the bin could be a little bigger.



5 – BuggySnuggle Fleece Foot Muff (£39.71)
G actually had one of these when she was a baby, and they are still just as brilliant. Extremely high quality, and they can be washed easily they last for years! We’ve got one of these on each buggy. If you don’t want to pay full price (we didn’t), you can get them on eBay like new for a fraction of the cost, just make sure they are the ‘BuggySnuggle’ Brand.


6 – Graco Mosaic Travel System (£159.99)
The problem with Travel Systems is that they tend to be huge, and easily fill the boot of a smallish car. The Mosaic is probably one of the most compact Travel Systems going, it umbrella folds down to a reasonable size, and will give you some space in the boot for shopping. For the money you get a buggy, a car seat, and base. BARGAIN! Be warned it is a bit heavy!


7 – Cushi Tush Baby Seat (£27.59)
This is akin to a Bumbo, but in my opinion slightly more superior to that brand. It comes with the tray as standard, and it’s an integral piece to the seat. J loves sitting in his, it’s fab for feeding, or just setting him down. It’s easy to clean (you can chuck it in the dishwasher!), and it is unbelievably light too.

That’s it for now, if I think of any more I’ll update the post.

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