Last night Loz and I fancied a bit of a treat.. PIZZA!

I did muse over using Dominos or Pizza Hut, but thought we’d use one of the smaller chain of Pizza places – Farm Pizza in Chelmsford. I decided to place the order via , a service similar to – but you get Quidco Cashback with HungryHouse! Placing the order on Hungry House is very painless, put in your post code, select the type of food you want, choose a restaurant, order the food, pay. Simple.

I received an email saying that they had processed my order, and then two minutes later I had another email stating the restaurant had accepted the order. So far, so good!

We waited, and waited, but nothing..

I looked at the ‘Order Accepted’ email – the latest delivery time for our order was 18.30, the time was now 18.35 (an hour and fifteen minutes after the order was accepted). Considering I was leaving the house at seven it wasn’t looking good for getting my tea! Loz rang Farm Pizza and eventually got through to the Manager. He told her first of all that they were very busy. Then rather curtly he said that our order had been text to ‘someone’s’ phone, and that someone hadn’t given them the order(?) He then said he’d have our order done in ten minutes – baring in mind we live over ten minutes away from the restaurant, unless Farm Pizza had mastered time travel, that wasn’t going to work.

Loz explained that it was pointless doing it now as I was due to go out presently so it would be too late, she asked to cancel the order, he agreed to, and then ended the conversation without so much as an apology. In the end I quickly logged into Dominos and ordered Loz a meal, leaving me to find something whilst we were out. All in all a bit of a pain.

Now, obviously, it would seem Hungry House did their ‘bit’ and took the order and passed it to the restaurant  some how the restaurant then accepted it and did nothing. So obviously the fault lies somewhere with Farm Pizza. We’ve used Hungry House to order from the awesome Bombay Fusion with no problems at all.

I did reach out to the @HungryHouse Twitter team earlier asking how we might get a refund, but this went unanswered – I’ll pester some more, I’m not paying for something I haven’t got!

Have any of you had a bad experience with

UPDATE – 12.02 PM

Hungry House have been in touch –

‘I’m really sorry that the restaurant never delivered your order to you. As you say, we did pass your order on to them and they accepted the order so please accept my apologies on their behalf.

I have now cancelled and refunded your order for you. Please allow up to 3 business days for this to clear in the banking system.

If you have not already, I would also suggest posting a review for Farm Pizza on our site.

Writing an honest, constructive review is a really effective way to communicate your feedback to the restaurant management and inspire positive change. Restaurant managers regularly read their review pages, and the public nature of the feedback provides extra incentive to improve on any issues for the future.’

I suppose it would be nicer if they spoke to the Restaurant and actually tried to stop fuck ups like we had happen again, but still, I’ve got my money back and I just won’t use Farm Pizza in Chelmsford.

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