Monday night was a WafflePod record night, and like the previous records I’ve been in Dan and I get fairly squiffy, whilst Tasha stays sober. As I had a fairly busy day of work ahead of me the next day, I decided to give ‘NoHo’ a try,

NoHo claims to be a hangover cure, each pack comes with two bottles, a BEFORE and AFTER, so one is consumed before you start drinking, and the second when you stop drinking. It really does sound too good to be true, I was keen to find out if it did work. The lovely people at NoHo sent me three packs to test, so we went to our recording venue, Baroosh in Chelmsford, and ordered some drinks. Dan and I cracked opened the NoHo and we had our ‘Before’ drink..

Then five or so pints later, any professionalism that was in the first video (there wasn’t) goes out of the window in the with the ‘After’ drink..

To be fair it doesn’t taste like piss, it’s very sickly sweet, which is obviously a shock after the Beery flavour!

So, did it work?

I think it did! I woke up feeling pretty good, I had a bit of a dicky tummy, but that’d be the Kebab we got on the way home! I usually wake up feeling a bit groggy and sick on that amount of drink (I’m a lightweight!), but I felt good! I’m not sure how much of that is down to the NoHo, or if it had some sort of placebo effect. Speaking to Dan afterwards he admitted to not feeling too clever, but he is actually suffering with some sort of ‘poorly-sickness’ at the moment so that obviously isn’t helping his well-being.

I’ve still got another pack, so next time I’m out on the lash I’ll give it another go and report back, but initial signs are good!

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