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No update yesterday as nothing much happened, the postman tried to deliver the phone and I was out.

This morning I went to collect my handset from the delivery office, it wasn’t my handset though, it was a brand new one. Also they’d sent me a charger for a Galaxy S2 which is an all in one unit, rather than the S3 one, which is a mains plug and a separate USB cable. So I was down a USB cable! No sign of the damaged components from my old phone. A few hours after I picked the phone up I had an email from Unipart.

Good Morning Mr Hakes,

Following our conversation on 12/12/12 regarding your oow handset , i am glad to say an exchange device has been triggered this is because the original handset failed to recover after soldering the relevant component . The new IMEI for device should be xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx, i can see you have signed for the device this morning . Please do not hesitate to contact us if further information is required.

Thank You

Three Escalations Team

I replied asking why if their original diagnosis of water ingression on the USB port had proved incorrect I was still charged for the device, they’d tried to fix the ‘fault’ and it hadn’t worked. I also asked why I wasn’t sent a shadow scan showing the ‘water damage’ wasn’t supplied, and mentioned the incorrect charger / missing data cable too. I got this just a few minutes ago.

Good afternoon Mr Hakes,

We have looked into this thoroughly and i am glad to say we have reversed the initial oow charge of £30.63 and i have ordered a replacement data cable for you samsung galaxy s3 which will be shipped in due course.
Please advise the engineer do not provide with a shadow scan of the liquid damage this is not a part of the process .


Three Escalations Team

I’m pleased that it’s resolved now, and I wasn’t charged for the ‘repair’ it’s frustrating that the experience was just so stressful, to Three’s credit, they’ve turned this all round very quickly. The lack of evidence of the ‘water damage’ is worrying, and I’ve really had to fight my corner to get it sorted out, I hope that anyone else in my situation doesn’t have to fight for the right result.

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