We do like a good practical joke in this house, nothing beats scaring the shit out of a loved one. G is slowly learning the art of pranking too – back in October she bought a pack of 3 spiders for Halloween. She decided to hide the spiders around Lozzie’s things in the bedroom as Loz is PETRIFIED of spiders. G being 9 wasn’t particularly good at hiding the first ‘wave’ of spiders, I think Loz spotted all but one of them.

To get her revenge Loz then hid the Spiders amongst G’s things, one of them was in the hood of her bath towel. G discovered it as she put her towel on after a shower – there was a loud scream from the bathroom, and I got upstairs to find an upset G pointing at one of the toy spiders. It had caught her unaware, she saw the funny side afterwards but vowed revenge on Mrs Hakes.

The following day G took the three spiders and tucked them away to ‘scare’ Lozzie. Again, the first two were spotted by Loz fairly easily, but the 3rd, that remained hidden..

Until today!

I was looking after James while Loz had a shower, I heard the shower go off and then a few minutes later a bloody curdling scream came from upstairs. I jumped, James jumped. The scream quickly subsided into laughter.

I called up to see if she was alright, through the laughter I she replied.

‘I’m gonna bloody kill her’

My first thoughts were that the cat had done something.

‘What’s she done?’ I asked.

‘It’s the bloody spider!!’ was the response.

I was puzzled for a moment, as Bella the cat does have a toy spider, then it suddenly clicked – she’d found the third spider! I knew where it was, G had hidden it inside one of Loz’s bra’s, obviously Loz had got the ‘booby-trapped’ bra out! Apparently the pulling out of the bra made the spider ‘leap’ towards Loz! Love it!

G’s going to be very pleased to hear just how much her trick made Loz scream 🙂

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