(Sorry if the header scared you – it’s a character Loz met whilst taking the bus, he/she made me smile)

It’s been one of those weeks where so much seems to be going on, but nothing has really happened if you see what I mean? The weekend was mostly taken up with a bumper shopping trip to IKEA (no I wasn’t at IKEA all weekend), it felt like I was there most of Saturday.Then on Sunday I had to build the stuff and do some furniture shuffling around the house. I was hoping to just whizz it all up in no time at all, but most of the work was going on in G’s room, which is next door to J’s room, so nap times meant I had to down tools and do nothing.

Still, the final results were very satisfying  G now has her own wardrobe (her clothes are getting a bit too big to keep in drawers all the time), and her bookcase has been slightly downsized to one that matches and has a door on it to keep the room looking tidy. G is very good (for a 9 year old) at keep her room tidy (with a little bit of help from Loz!), but it’s nice everything now seems to have a place to be tidied in to! 20130317_180344

I’m looking forward to Thursday which is my Birthday Bunk Off to Thorpe Park! I’ve had a few drop outs, which is a bit upsetting – especially Chard! Naughty man! Still, we’ve got a great crowd coming so I think it will be a fabulous (if perhaps a little damp!) day. We’re also venturing up North soon too, which will be the first long journey in the new car, I’m looking forward to seeing how it does on the 500+ mile round trip we’ll be doing. I am feeling happier about it all knowing that I won’t have to do our usual ‘cram the car to bursting’ routine, the boot on the new car can fit TONNES of stuff in, which is excellent.

So yes, I’m looking forward to things to come, I must admit that my blogging mojo has been lost slightly upon hearing that I didn’t get through AGAIN to the finals of the MADS. Stupid me I didn’t realise that you had to get as many votes as possible to get whittled down to the final few. I should have read the blurb fully – I just assumed that all those voted for (and eligible) would then be looked at by the judges and assessed on quality, rather than popularity. Now I know how it works, expect a MASSIVE campaign in 2014 to get my name in lights (or something!). It’s not all doom and gloom though, two of my favourite blogs – Daddacool and Just a Normal Mummy are in, and I’ve got everything crossed they’ll win! I’m a sensitive little flower really, and it’s my fault for not reading how it works! I’ll get over it.

Definitely looking forward to my Birthday, and relatives and close friends, remember my Wishlist is here 😉

2 thoughts on “Silence, IKEA, Bunking Off, The MADS and Birthday

  1. Daddacool says:

    Cheers for the mention, The BiB’s have just opened nominations, I’d give them a go if I were you 😉 And you’re right, that’s one of the most disturbing pictures I’ve seen in a LONG time 😀

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