Hello! I’ve decided to join the majority of the parent blogging fraternity and have created a little badge for anyone who enjoys this blog to put on their own blog. Love is not a one way street either, if you link up with me, I’ll return the favour (so long as your blog isn’t terrible!). I’ve started off by adding the buttons to the lovely Vicki’s ‘A Life of Geekery‘ and Misty’s ‘It’s Misty Seriously‘ blogs to the right.If you’ve linked up with me, just comment with your blog address below and I’ll grab your badge. I don’t want hundreds, as it will make my blog very long, so I might have to put some kind of rotation system in!

Anyway, if you like what I do, then grab the code for the button here.

I’ve also joined ‘Blog Lovin’ you can follow me there too!


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