Candy Crush Saga (Or Candy Crack Saga it’s known in this house) is an annoyingly addictive game available on Android, iOS and Facebook. The premise is simple you ‘Crush’ Candy by putting it in rows of 3,4 or 5, completing the objective, and moving on to the next level. It slowly increases in difficulty as you move through the game, and if you fail to meet the objective in the maximum number of moves, or in some cases, time, you lose a life. Once your lives are gone, you can wait for them to regenerate in time (20-30 mins per life), you can beg your Facebook Friends to ‘send’ you them, or you can buy them.


Candy Crush Saga is BIG business for, it has 45.6 MILLION monthly users as of March 2013, the game itself is free, but the way the developers make their money is through ‘micro’ purchases in game. You can buy lives, extra moves, ‘Candy Hammers’,extra time. etc, depending on your platform and currency, these range in price from 69p right up to around £25 for the top ‘charms’. The game is fiendishly difficult at times, and more often or not ‘strangely’ most of the time you’ve ‘NEARLY’ completed the level and just a few moves away. The temptation to spend 69p to move on is too great and before you know it, you’ve coughed up some money and moving on.

Whilst the game isn’t new, it’s popularity is ramping up, day by day I’m getting more requests from Facebook friends to send them a life, or to send them some extra moves. It really feels like everyone is starting to play it, and it’s infecting the minds of sane people, akin to a Charlie Brooker ‘Black Mirror’-esque script. It’s cleverly coded so it doesn’t actually TELL you which friends are playing the game, so when you send a request it could be send to someone who has NO interest in it whatsoever. Annoying.

For some it seems easy to put down when things have got too tough (a glut of my friends are stuck on Level 65 – it’s a bitch of a level!), but for others I fear, the ease at which you can spend money just to move on might be too great. Whilst the sums of money involved aren’t great, it all soon adds up!

So.. Are you a Candy Crack Saga Addict?

11 thoughts on “Candy Crush Saga – Are you a Candy Crack Addict?

      • Eileen Teo says:

        cost me nothing! i played since early this year.

        my trick: i play on ipad and forward my time 2 hours if i need lives. then i un install and install back when i accumatel too much neg time. the app went back with 5 lives again! also i use my hubby’s phone to send me lives!

        i still have 16 more levels to reach the end 320. wish me luck!

    • Kip Hakes says:

      I’m like @twitter-65712168:disqus ‘s friend – “I’m playing it, but I’m not enjoying it or looking forward to the next level. I just don’t seem able to stop playing it.”

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