IMG_4108After a glowing endorsement from fellow blogger Craig, I ordered myself a ‘Mi Cable Tidy‘, like all good ideas it’s pretty simple. You can use it as a desk stand for your phone. As well as that, and what makes it a bit different is you can actually put the charger plug through it, and have it ‘mounted’ to the plug socket, with the excess cable wrapped neatly round. It also has space on the ‘arms’ to pop headphones on, keeping them all tidy ready to use.



It’s made of plastic and available in a load of different colours, I’m going to G one to keep her DS and the charger for it together as both constantly seem to be going ‘walkies’. It’s a handy travel companion too as it is nice and small and the charger ‘holes’ support the following plugs/countries :

UK 3 prong plug Type G  – UK, Ireland, Cyprus, Malta, Malaysia, Singapore, Hong Kong.
USA 2 prong Type A – North America, Japan, South America
USA 2 prong plus earth Type B -North America, Japan, Central America .
India 3 prong Type D – India, Sri Lanka, Nepal, Namibia.


Mi Cable Tidy is also Made in Britain, so it’s nice to support a UK company! I think it’s a fabulous little product, and I can see myself picking up a few more to have around the house 🙂 Get yourself one! 🙂 More details are on the website.


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