5 Great Gaming Apps For Young Kids – Guest Post

It’s no big secret that technology is drastically changing the ways in which most of us entertain ourselves these days. With new smart phones and tablet devices coming out every few months, we are growing used to the idea of having a world of entertainment accessible via a pocket-sized touch screen! Interestingly enough, however, this shift in self-entertainment doesn’t just pertain to adults. Young children, too, can be very easily entertained by a variety of gaming apps that can be downloaded on “smart” tech devices. In fact, many parents of young children find these games perfect for keeping kids quiet during family dinners and similar events. Of course, ordinary toys, books and games that you might pick up some place like Marks and Spencer are still great for kids. But if you want to explore gaming apps for yo ur young children as well, here are 5 particularly fitting ones to try.

1. Trucks HD

Lots of kids are fascinated by trucks and cars, and this cartoonish little game gives them the opportunity to control some standard vehicles. From taking a police car through the car wash, to using a tow truck or dump truck, there are plenty of fun options for your kids. Gameplay is simple, and for very young children there’s even a slight educational aspect, as your kids can learn to recognize the appearances and functions of everything from tow trucks to ice cream trucks.

2. Princess Fairy Tale Maker

For kids who enjoy storybooks and fairy tales, this app from app maker Duck Duck Moose can be excellent. Basically, the app provides an easy way for kids to design their own stories, choosing from pictures and images and even recording their own voices to tell stories through the pages. It’s a lot of fun, easy to use, and can really spark creativity in your young ones.

3. Peekaboo Barn

As noted by Time, this is a perfect gaming app for particularly young children. Basically, it involves tapping an animated red barn to see which animals come out, and learning to identify them. Lightly educational and amusing for even the youngest children, this can keep kids busy and happy.

4. Angry Birds

Arguably the most popular gaming app in existence, Angry Birds is actually very simple to play – basically, you slingshot birds at towers to knock them over. Throw in amusing animation and fun sounds, and even very young children can have a blast with this game.

5. Plants vs. Zombies

Plants vs. Zombies is a bit more complex for young kids, but it can be fun nonetheless, and even helps kids to learn problem solving skills. In this game, players place plants on a grid, and the plants use varying capabilities to stop zombies from advancing across the grid.

Ben Cole is a blogger and freelance writer. He covers a wide range of topics related to tech products and advancement.

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