A really quick post because I wanted to share something awesome with you. I love our bus, but cleaning it seems to take an age, I tend to use Meguiars stuff to clean it as it always gives decent results. The problem with the bus is the external plastics, their black matt lustre is now a sad grey ‘meh’. Apparently Boiled Linseed Oil is very good to bring them back to life, but I wanted to try something designed for a car before attempting that.

Looking at the Megs stuff on Amazon I saw the Meguiar’s Ultimate Protectant Dash and Trim Restorer. It has six 5 star reviews which convinced me, and it was good to see it works on the interior plastics too! So after washing the car today, I tried it. The results were immediate and impressive..


So on the right is what the plastics all look like, and on the left is the bit I treated.

I’m REALLY happy with it! I think I might apply a bit more tomorrow to build up the finish, but it’s looking fab, and has really finished the car off a treat! Now to do the interior…. 🙂

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