Buying Tyres the easy way – Online!

I hate getting tyres for my car, I don’t think I’ve ever bought one without an air gun wielding chimp trying to up-sell to me..

‘Yeah, your brakes are looking a bit low mate, they need doing..’

‘Ooooh the rears are looking dodgy mate, you need ’em done too..’

Obviously I tell them they are wrong, and I don’t need what they are suggesting, but obviously a fair percentage of customers WILL fall for it and pay out. It irks me immensely. Even if you do successfully turn down the unnecessary work and buy a tyre and get it fitted, you can still get stung with additional costs, disposal, valve, balancing, ‘Nitrogen Inflation’, fitting etc. So even a ‘budget’ tyre can still cost silly money.

When I noticed the bus needed new tyres over the weekend, I was filled with what’s best described as ‘Kwick Fit Dread’. I thought I’d look on-line to see if I could get tyres cheaply, I came across Black Circles, a company that I believe Tesco have somesort of hand in. The site was good, the prices reasonable, BUT, I’d still have to take the car to a traditional garage (one of their fitting centres), and probably end up with the same awkward up-selling. Plus I’d have to wait until Wednesday (I was looking on Sunday). There are similar companies out there, buy on-line, take to a garage. Then I found something even better..


With eTyres I could choose my tyres on their website, comparing the different makes, buy on-line, and then they’d come to MY house (or work!), THE NEXT DAY!

It all felt a little too good to be true, but, looking around on-line the feedback was excellent, so I took the plunge! Sure enough, the next day, as promised I had a call before 9.30am from my local fitter with an ETA (12-2pm). Roll on to 2.05pm, Keith rocked up in a shiny ‘eTyres’ van, and set to work.

He was polite, thorough and professional, everything seemed to be done meticulously, the job wasn’t rushed. I was particularly impressed he torqued the wheel nuts to the factory torque settings,I’ve NEVER seen that done, they’re usually whizzed back on with an air-gun.

After about 30 mins the two shiny tyres were on the car, no up-selling or sucking of air through teeth, just the job I wanted at a fair price, you can’t really say much more than that!

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