Baby J is not really a Baby any more – despite being 15 Months old, he’s a toddler, and has been for a while now, his walking is fantastic now. He’s very steady on his feet and tears around the house and garden. The only thing he’s not very happy about is walking where WE want him to go. He’ll run off in the opposite direction or focus on something on the ground (usually a stone, stick, or rubbish).

His speech is getting there too, we’ve lots of chatter and babble, he’s starting to copy us more. He’s learnt to ‘creep up’ on people. When I say ‘creep up’ you hear a little voice behind you saying..

“Ahhhh, Ahhhhhhhhhh.. BEHHHHHH!”

(BEH is his version of ‘BOO!’)


He’s a proper little boy now, he’s into everything! As well as having locks on all the kitchen cupboards, we’ve got them on pretty much EVERYTHING now. He is a master of breaking into places he shouldn’t, he can empty a drawer in the blink of an eye. His climbing is getting silly too, I was mildly amused when he got on top of the coffee table. I was terrified when he climbed onto Loz’s chair and then promptly stood on her desk. He’s even figure out he can climb on his Giraffe to reach the Dining Table, he’s also learnt the hard way that it’s not very steady as it’s on wheels! Numpty!

It’s scary just how big he’s getting too, a lot of people look shocked when we tell them his age as he’s so bloody tall, he’s creeping into 18-24 month clothes. The only thing is, he’s like his sister was and has a tiny little tummy / waist that’s not really in proportion to standard baby clothes. I forsee a lot of ‘adjustable waists’ in his wardrobe in the future!


Also I’m amazed just how outdoorsy he is, he loves tearing around outside, everything is fascinating to him. When we take him to the park he seems to spend more time scrabbling around at the edges, examining everything he finds then handing it over to us. We’ve fenced off our shared driveway at the back to let J wander around the garden safely, he’d play out there all day if we let him! The meltdowns when we bring him in are extraordinary, actually speaking of meltdowns..

The Tantrums. Oh the Tantrums! If J has something that he shouldn’t and you have to take it from him, strap yourself in for thermonuclear tantrums.. We have tears, screaming, and usually a flailing of limbs whilst on the floor, I have to be careful sometime because he really THROWS himself. I caught him stood on the sofa eating the TV remote, after removing it from his hands, his bottom lip wobbled, and he threw his head back. Thankfully I was quickly able to put my hand between his head and the wall as he threw it back.

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