Dear Bloggers. Don’t forget why you started to blog.

I started writing my blog back in 2008, back then it was a mish mash of random stuff, reviews of gadgets I’d bought, customer service moans and an a outlet for spurious thoughts. Generally, even now, whilst the blog looks very different, it’s still mostly the same content. Back when I started I didn’t have a clue about visitor numbers, SEO, or whatever. I just hoped some day, someone might stumble across what I’ve written and it would make them smile, or help them.

Last year after joining up with Tots 100, and a few other ‘Blog Networks’, stuff has really started kicking off, I’m getting a lot of PR contact. It’s fabulous, you get a lot of offers of people wanting you to publish sponsored posts, or review their wares, or even just publish a press release. I’m getting more and more of these each week., I could quite easily publish content from someone else each day, and probably get paid fairly well for doing so, but I don’t.

The thing is, I’ve built up the audience I have through various channels, some people like my writing style and honesty, others seem to like my reviews of tech and gadgets, lots of you like the video content. If I start publishing lots of stuff that ISN’T that, then I’ll lose readers, and all the 5 years of work slowly getting people to see my stuff will quickly be gone. Sure, I’ll have earnt a few quid, and helped lots of SEO and PR Companies, BUT, I will have a dead blog.

I am trying really hard to integrate with the ‘Mummy Blogger’ community, and read lots of other blogs, but frankly a lot of them piss me off. It’s sponsored post after sponsored post, with a competition somewhere in between. I don’t want to read what a PR person / SEO person has written, I’m interested in YOU, the blogger, how YOU are, how your family is. This is why I love people like ‘Just a Normal Mummy‘ and ‘Mummy Never Sleeps‘, their blogs are wonderfully honest and open. Of course you’ll stumble across the odd Sponsored Post, but their blogs still retain integrity and character.

I spoke to a small company recently who is branching out and doing more work with bloggers. The rep said it was incredible just how many blogs there were, awash with sponsored posts and reviews of products and how hard it was to find some with decent ‘non sponsored’ content.

I’ve visited so many blogs of late and skimmed through the latest five posts and found it’s just a load of sponsored crap, and quickly left again. I do understand it’s REALLY easy to whack up a sponsored post and get paid relatively well for it, but to continually do it for every other post will do more harm to your blog, and indeed the parent blogging community

Does anyone else see this too? Am I wrong? What do you think? Drop a comment below!

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