I looked at G today as we sat watching Come Dine With Me, and it really hit me – she’s going to being a teenager soon. She’s recently shot up and it feels like I’m forever buying her clothes, whilst it’s nice she’s catching up with her peers, it really scares me just HOW fast she’s growing. I can see it’s only going to be a matter of time when I’ll be seeing her less at weekends because she’ll be going to town with friends, or having a sleepover. I’ll be less of the Dad she wants to sit on the sofa with, and more of the Dad she can roll her eyes at as I ferry her around and say embarrassing stuff.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not trying to stifle her independence, or hold her back, it’s truly terrifying the rate she’s growing up. I still panic when she plays out, I still hate her being out of my sight, but I need to let her be the age she is. She’s not phased by it, and I try to make sure I don’t feel phased by it – it never works!

She’s no longer a little girl – I found that out a few months ago when we were sat in the car and she just came out with a rather accusatory –

“I *know* where babies come from – we watched a video with a baby being born at school”

It totally knocked me for six, I knew she was having the initial Sex Education lessons, but to hear it come out of my little girl’s mouth – all I could manage was


I do think it’s good that children learn such things at an early age.. but – wow.

Just looking back at pictures from a few months ago, she’s changed a lot – what about in six months, or a year? I like the age she is now, still happy enough to come and have a hug, and confident enough to pop out for a pint of milk. I don’t want the door slamming rages and the screams of ‘I hate you!’ it’ll hurt me massively, I know she won’t ever *REALLY* hate me but to hear those words coming out of her mouth. *Shudder*.

It’s all inevitable, and there is nothing I can do to stop it, but I just hope I get to keep the nice G for that little bit longer!


3 thoughts on “Please.. Stop growing up – I don’t want a teenager!

  1. Sonia Porter says:


    I must admit, Abbi has never (yet) said that she hates me, but OH how she can flounce/stomp/slam!

  2. Misty Bird says:

    G is awesome, I can imagine her being your baby girl forever. She’s a Daddy’s girl, that’s for sure.
    You never know, you might get lucky and she may actually be a half decent teenager – are there any of those left? You’ll manage it x

  3. Scott Carter says:

    I have twelve year old boy right on the cusp of being a teenager. He is taller than his grandmother now. It’s a bit scary, even with a boy. You’re right it will “Hurt me massively” if I hear the words I hate you.

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