I snore.

I really snore.

It can be so bad that it wakes Loz up through her ear plugs sometimes – it’s bad enough she has to sleep with ear plugs!

I’ve tried all sorts to lessen the snores, nose clips, throat sprays, even a custom made mouthpiece that kept my jaw in a certain position (that was HORRIBLE). Nothing works, so Loz just has to tolerate it, which, bless her, she does.

20131010_093052I’d seen a few other bloggers mention they’d bed sent a ‘Good Night Anti-Snoring Ring‘ to try, and the results were very good. I got in touch, and they sent me one to review. The Ring itself costs £30 – you can get them from the website or from some Boots stores. They are available in 3 different sizes (S,M,L) and the website has a print and cut out ring sizer so you can make sure you get the right size. I’ve got hands the size of Hermione Granger (really I do!), so I got a Small size. If you want a normal ring, I’d recommend getnamenecklace.com rings

You then pop the ring on your little finger (with the gap and the top) before you go to sleep, and that’s about it! It has two little ‘nobbly bits’ easy side that gently press into your skin, and they are pressing the ‘acupressure’ point that will stop snoring (apparently!). It all sounds a little ‘voodoo-y’ to me, but in an independent trial 68% found their snoring was greatly reduced or stopped completely.

I was a little sceptical about it all, but, do you know what? It actually works for me! I’m not totally silent, but Loz has mentioned how much quieter I’ve been, even on the odd night I’ve had a few drinks my snoring has been reduced. The makers recommend that if it doesn’t work 100% then you could try two rings (one on each little finger), but I don’t think I really need it.

The good thing is, if the Good Night Anti-Snoring Ring doesn’t work for you, you can send it back within 30 days and get your money back, so really, you’ve nothing to lose! Statistically there is just over a 30% chance of it not working (based on the survey) if you or your other half is a snorer I’d really recommend giving it a go!

Check out their Facebook page here.

Disclaimer – I was sent a Ring to try free of charge, this review is based on my experience with it all the words are my own!

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