The Empty Room

Right – this is the first time I’ve EVER written anything like this and posted it online for all to see, so I’m a little bit nervous, so PLEASE be nice. Yes I know it doesn’t scan all that well in places, but I could spend HOURS getting wrapped up in it.

The Empty Room

Our house has three bedrooms, but one is mostly still,
Toys adorn the surfaces, and the air has a chill.
It stands there mainly stuck in time, waiting to come alive,
But for now, it’s quiet and still, it doesn’t really thrive.

The room stands untouched, exactly as you left it,
Your slippers tucked away and your teddies they just sit.
I find myself going in there, just to take a look,
Your ‘bedtime table’ has the DS on, a lamp and your book.

It breaks my heart to see, a room filled with so much fun,
Standing silent with no soul, the magic is undone.
Your brother stands outside and looks, pointing at the door,
Making his ‘Gor-ga’ noises, his sister there no more.

But then it happens, it’s so close to that time,
You finish school on Friday, you’re back here and you’re mine!
The front door it swings open, J is waiting for a cuddle,
You scoop him up in your arms, a lovely little huddle.

You fly upstairs to get changed, the school day it is done,
The empty room that stood still quickly fills with fun.
You moan you don’t know what to wear, really quite the ‘tween.
Where’s my princess dressed in Dora? She’s turning into a teen!

We argue over silly things, like how you brush your hair,
How long you spend in the shower, and how you just don’t care.
I shout, you moan, we argue and then sometimes bicker,
I do miss the days when you’d behave for a sticker!

I hate it when you’re not here, and our house not quite your home,
I go into the empty room sometimes and feel quite alone.
You really do light up the house, with your cheeky little grin,
The weekend’s here soon, so let the fun begin!

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