Being part of the parent blogging community is often tricky.. I wrote my epic ‘Mummy Blogger Game of Thrones‘ piece that sums it up. The post itself is probably one of the most read things I’ve written and got shared globally. Amazing for some silly rant about how fucking crazy a lot of the Mummy Bloggers can be.

The thing is, apparently, you CAN’T be Switzerland in Blogging, you can’t be the nice guy that tries to get on with everyone, you have to pick sides.

Fuck that.

I honestly don’t give a rats arse who tweeted what, who hates who, it’s irrelevant – you’ve ALL got a clean sheet with me, there are no blotted copy books, we’re all fine. You can dislike me, that’s okay, I can’t be liked by everyone – but have a reason for doing so, judge me for the person I am – not the people I talk to. Come say ‘Hi’ to met at an event, shake my hand – or a have a hug, have a chat – you’ll find I’m actually alright.

I’ve only come across a few bloggers that are grade A knobbers, and I avoid them, and shall continue to do so, because I’ve met them, spoken to them and made my judgement.

Please. Stop being dicks, we’re a community – a team, stop picking sides and lets fight the good fight together, rather than a fragmented coven of deraged backstabbing morons.

11 thoughts on “And this is why I hate blogging sometimes.. (Bit sweary – sorry)

  1. Jem says:

    Cor blimey, you’re one up on me, I hadn’t even noticed that there were cliques and bitch-fights. Guess that just underlines why I’m not really part of “the community”, ha… too busy dealing with my own shit to give a crap about other people’s. Carry on keepin’ it real Kip ;D

    • Kip Hakes says:

      Hmm.. I’m close to becoming a recluse. If I was well known and some arrogant prick, and met lots of people I could understand the hate. Bottom line is, I’m an average guy who writes a blog who wants to try and get on with everyone.

  2. New Mum Online says:

    Come say ‘Hi’ to met at an event, shake my hand – or a have a hug, have a chat – you’ll find I’m actually alright. <<< I did exactly that at #GoogleMums 🙂

  3. mummypinkwellies says:

    Man I hate this. I hadn’t even seen yet another epic falling out. What’s the point? Why can’t people accept we have differing opinions and be happy about that? It’s like being back at school 🙁

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  5. Hurrah for gin says:

    lol. Just read through a few of your older blogging posts and fully agree, have a couple of posts myself in a similar vein.
    Great post though and luckily its just a minority (i think!)

    • Kip Hakes says:

      I dunno it seems pretty widespread, being friends with one blogger can make you ‘not’ friends with others – pretty childish really. I like EVERYONE! Well.. Mostly.

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