I imagine today will be another quiet blog day, I’ve awoken to an email saying ‘I need a presentation of furniture for first thing tomorrow’. Yesterday was quiet too, aside from my tiny moment of fame – I spent most in a meeting, and whilst the meeting itself wasn’t very fruitful, it’s the start of a massive project for me, so that’s good!

Damn you real job!!

Anyway, I wasn’t asking you to guess what my email said – or what I did yesterday.. I was asking you to guess what position I was in for the Top 10 Dad Blogs 2014 according to Tots 100. Go on. Guess.

Okay well take a look.. HERE – or scroll down..







I’m NUMBER 4!!!

I’m OVER THE MOON!! I was ranked at number 16 last year, so the leap of 12 places is INCREDIBLE! It’s probably largely down to the massive increase of readers I’ve had in 12 months, and the number of followers on Twitter, likers on Facebook and the amount of sharing of my stuff you guys do. I’m really humbled by this – thank YOU. Right anyway.. Work to do! See you tomorrow peeps.

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