So, I’ve taken up running, and using the Zombies, Run! 5k App to get me going. Admittedly the voice acting is cheesy as hell, but it’s a pretty decent app and the prompts are very motivational without being too OTT.

After my rookie error on the first run of having the music set up properly, I loaded a copy of ‘Running Trax 2014‘ as it seemed easier than making my own mix. It wasn’t half bad really, but I might try some more ‘me’ music next time. Got a hankering for my Blur back catalogue!

Anyway, on to the run itself, the ‘walking’ part was actually pretty hard, as I wanted to run! I’d spend my rest day longing to go out again (I had a long walk with the kids instead!), and going out and just walking felt a bit annoying. I knew though I shouldn’t push myself too hard, my asthma is a bit wobbly at the moment, so baby steps are the way forward. I was quite pleased to hear the prompts to run,  I did as instructed, and it felt good! It was the same routine as before (10 x 1 minute walk with 15 second runs).

When it came to the 10 Minute Free Form Run at the end, I could feel my calves starting to ache, I didn’t want to push myself too hard. Equally though, I knew I wanted to cover a little bit more ground and run a little faster than my first one, and that was spurring me on to fight the breathlessness and aches, just a little bit more would be good.

When it was over, I pulled my phone put – I’d gone a little further – SUCCESS! I’d also got my route fairly well tuned too, so there wasn’t much going back on myself either. The app said to take 1 or 2 days rest and then go out again for run number 3, I really want to go out tomorrow, but I’ve done a lot of walking today, and I’m still a bit achy. Although, I want to keep up the momentum and fight on through, so – we’ll see!

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