I did something I haven’t done since school last night..

I ran.

Like actual running, for a distance and EVERYTHING!

As a follow-up to my post yesterday – I decided to bite the bullet, and purchase Zombies, Run! 5k Training for my phone. Not only that, I chucked on some tracky bottoms, found some trainers I’d never worn before, dug out my phone holder, bluetooth headphones and inhaler and did it. G was a little shocked by my decision to run.

“You’re…. Going….. To…. RUN?” she questioned.

It was a bit impulsive really, I hadn’t really even set up the app – I did make a bit of a Rookie error, I assumed it would tie in with Google Play Music – it didn’t. I didn’t have any music physically saved to my device. So it was a little quiet! But the voice prompts and story were good, if a little cheesy.

The first bit of training is simple – it gets you to walk for 10 minutes, then you spend 15 seconds running and 1 minute walking (which is repeated 10 times) and then you have 10 minutes ‘free form running’ – which is basically you choosing what you do, walk, run whatever.

It was hard work, as I say I’ve not run since I was at school, I was trying to push myself but not too hard – my asthma is appalling in winter and I didn’t fancy a wheezy, breathless mess on my first run. It was also difficult judging a route too, I had no idea what sort of distance I’d be covering (2.5 miles in the end). Even now I can’t really ‘see’ that distance, I ended up doubling back on myself and going all around the estate.

When I got home I was SHATTERED, my legs hurt, I was out of breath and looked a mess..


I fucking LOVED it though. I’d not done much in the grand scheme of things, but I’d STARTED. Today is my ‘rest’ day and I’m back on it again tomorrow, I think following a similar routine too. I can’t wait, I’ve wanted to go out today, but knew I should rest, my calves are still a bit achy.

The sweet thing was, G asked me if I could come out on my next run – she wants to give it a go! How cute is that? I agreed and her face lit up..

“You’d better buy me some tracky bottoms then” she beamed.

I mentioned to her about perhaps doing Chelmsford Central Parkrun one Saturday! She seemed up for that too! We’ll have to see how it goes!

Still, early days, but I enjoyed myself, and the app seems pretty decent too, I like the map and stats it gives you!


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