For those of you who are unaware of what a Chromecast is, then you might not be interested – or if you want to find out more click here. It is a little device that you plug into the HDMI port of your TV and it connects to your WiFi, you can then ‘cast’ stuff to your TV from your phone, tablet, computer, Chromebook etc.

It’s wickedly simple to use, and more and more applications are starting to embrace it. Even at the RRP of £30, it’s a bit of a steal, but there’s a cheeky way of getting it from Amazon for just £25 quid. are running a promo for Mothers Day where if you spend £30 or more on a purchase you get £5 off – it’s done by linking your Amazon and Facebook account together. You have to ‘nominate’ a Mum that you’ll buy a gift for here ( you can put whatever you like in the box), and then click on ‘Share and Claim’ and it will ask you to link your Amazon and Facebook account, it will also ask to post on your wall (you can ‘Skip’ that).

Once that’s done you can go here and order your Chromecast, once you get to the checkout stage, your discount should be applied, and that’s it!


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