I have too much tech – far too much tech – from where I’m sitting writing this I can see three mobile phones, two tablets (No, THREE tablets), my Android Wear watch, and my Bluetooth Headset. I am a geek and love shiny precious things.

The problem is, charging them all. Each gadget comes with a charger, and usually a charging / sync cable, so you end up with a LOT of chargers and a LOT of cables. But then, also, higher powered devices like Kindle Fires, iPads, and increasingly more mobiles need chargers that whack out a lot of ampage (usually around 2A). This means they charge quicker, and can be used whilst charging without the battery continuing to go down.

Plus, if you go away on holiday or short break, you’ve got to take all these chargers, and cables with you – no doubt needing an adaptor for each one if you go abroad too. Plus in hotel rooms there can sometimes be a fight for sockets, there are rarely enough, and rarely where you need them. Charging gadgets is a bore.

Until now.


The Anker 40W 5-Port Family-Sized Desktop USB Wall Charger is a perfect tiny solution for all your charging woes.

It’s the size of a pack of cards, and has five USB Sockets on the front, and a socket for a mains cable at the back.

That’s it.

No bells, no whistles, it’s a discreet, unassuming, charging MOTHER FUCKER! 🙂

So – what does the Anker 40W 5-Port Family-Sized Desktop USB Wall Charger do? Well – it charges stuff -up to five devices at once, you need one cable plugged into the wall and you can have up to five things plugged in, charging at once. It’s that simple, even with five things plugged in, there’s no sweat or drama, everything charges in record time as the ‘Power IQ’ technology will happily dish out up to 2.4A to each port. Now this ISN’T a portable battery pack like this – it’s purely mains powered.


Because it’s Anker, it’s a good brand too, I love Anker stuff – with the cheap 3rd party chargers and spare batteries there is always the worry it will get too hot / melt etc. I’ve had a variety of Anker bits over the years and sworn by them. With this particular device, it’s got an 18 month warranty too, so any problems, you can get it replaced.

In the box (which is far too well presented for a charger!) you get the Anker 40W 5-Port Family-Sized Desktop USB Wall Charger and a UK Power cable which is about 1.5m / 5ft in length. It doesn’t come with any USB Cables as Anker recommend you use the ones supplied with your device (although I picked up a pack of these as a lot of my cables were knackered). You plug it in, and you’re ready to go. If you’re travelling in Europe, you can just get one of these and it will plug into the wall and the charger and you’re good to go! Really handy if you’re on a cheap flight and everything has to go in hand luggage and you don’t want space taken up by a tonne of chargers.


But – it’s not ALL about the travelling, it’s great for your desk / bedside table too – mine sits at the back of the desk, faithfully waiting to be used (which, is pretty much constantly). It just works, like a little charging butler.

It’s a fantastic little box of magic and it comes in either White or Black – it feels sturdy, you could throw it at a child and there wouldn’t be a scratch (although I imagine you’d but a dent in said child). It’s not remotely cheap or flimsy and even under heavy load with five devices plugged in, it barely even breaks a sweat!

If you own any amount of USB charged gadgets, I’d really recommend this, I LOVE mine – and before you think this is a sponsored post – it’s not, I bought mine and thought I’d sing its praises!

One thought on “Phone User? Gadget Geek? Traveller? Or all of the above? You NEED one of these

  1. itsnoel says:

    How much are they. Like you there is a aged load of devices in my view including 4 PS4 controllers that I know will be I need to charging before the weekend arrives.

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