So we have reached that time of year again when Father Christmas makes the rounds and gifts are given and received.  But for those out there who know people who have birthdays in the same period, picking gifts that stand out can be tough.  That’s why personalised gifts can be a great solution, with the recipient being in no doubt that their birthday present wasn’t an afterthought.

I’m terrible at picking presents at the best of times, and will often resort to scouring for the recipient’s Amazon Wish List, or just picking up the first thing I see in a gift shop that might have some semblance of meaning to them.

While children generally enjoy having personalised items such as teddies and pencil cases. Personalisation is also a great plan for adults, especially if they have a particular interest. For the golf enthusiast, personalised goal balls or club covers would be a thoughtful gift that makes them stand out on the green. Or for the friend who would much prefer to stay at home and relax in front of a film a personalised sweet hamper could prove a popular choice.


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