Bloggers tend to write about everything – yes, generally it has a positive spin and is filtered and made to look better, but we’re pretty honest and open about what’s happening to us – now – but what about BEFORE you started blogging? How did you get to where you were before your blog started?

I answered that in the post I did called ‘The (Abridged) Story of Me‘, which, in 1000 or so words (and lots of pictures) tells the story of me from birth in 1981 (*groan*) to the start of my blog in 2008. It proved a popular post, and since a reshare last night has gone crazy again.

I thought though, it would be good to find out The (Abridged) Story of YOU, my blogging friends, acquaintances and enemies – so with that in mind I’ve created the The (Abridged) Story of Me Linky. So, taking my story as a template, write yours, illustrate it with pictures, or video, and link it up below so we’ve got a collection of tales behind some of the best bloggers in the UK!

It’s obviously going to be a bit of a slow burner, but I’d like to build it up in time – so write your story (including a link back to this page) – link it up below and tweet it to me with the #TAStoryOfMe hashtag, and I’ll share away with my readers.

There’s the challenge – below is the linky – let’s DO this!

3 thoughts on “The (Abridged) Story of Me Linky – #TAStoryOfMe

  1. http://www./ says:

    Churchill was a great one. When I was in school we did study him and the most people do not realize the great in pack he made in the world. he was one of the worlds greatest heros.You have done a great job Daniel in letting people know about such a great man.Debbie

  2. dustin wilkes says:

    Shaun, leave Vincent out of this – he has nothing to do with it. You’re getting no apology from me until I see some definitive proof of this. If he was a Marine, then why doesn’t he promote that fact? It was a question worth asking, and this is the first answer I’ve seen. No one has to encourage me to post anything – I have a mind of my own, and as you know, that mind is no fan of Cuccinelli’s.

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