As a blogger, you often get sent a swath of Press Releases, some relevant to you, others not so – BUT this one that rocked my Inbox today made me squeal with delight, the new Rollercoaster Restaurant at Alton Towers Resort!

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Opening in May 2016 the Rollercoaster Restaurant is a UK first, and is built using over 400m of spiralling steel track – the food navigates two ‘loop the loops’ before dropping 8m/26ft, the equivalent of two double decker buses down the tornado spiral to their table! The video above gives you some idea of how it’ll all work, each dish will travel 173 miles per week, which is the equivalent distance between Sheffield and London. If you travel over to you can find a whole load of restaurant promotions, if the Rollercoaster Restaurant is too far from you.

For those who have visited Alton Towers the Rollercoaster Restaurant will be located at the edge of the theme park in Forbidden Valley next to Air, which itself is having a makeover for 2016 (more on that VERY soon!) It will be accessible to Hotel and Enchanted Village guests via a walkway, so those staying overnight at Alton Towers Resort can have an exciting dinner with a difference at one of the 13 tables in the Rollercoaster Restaurant.

Dishes whizzing around the Rollercoaster Restaurant!
Dishes whizzing around the Rollercoaster Restaurant!

Gill Riley from Alton Towers said –

“The new Rollercoaster Restaurant will offer guests a unique dining experience that they can’t find anywhere else in the UK. The intricate network of loops and spiralling tracks is an incredible spectacle and we feel that the new restaurant is an attraction in itself. Each diner will enjoy a full 360 dining experience at one of the 13 tables and will get to select from the brand new menu of family favourites – including the Big Bowl of Lemon Meringue Mess!”

Speaking of the Menu, Alton Towers Resort have released an early copy of the Menu, apparently each meal has been tested and can be launched through the spiralling twists of the Rollercoaster Restaurant. Pricing doesn’t seem to be set yet, but there is plenty of choice available (although PLEASE can we have a few more Veggie dishes please?). Take a look at it below –

Screenshot 2016-01-05 at 21.25.12

You can book a table online on the Rollercoaster Restaurant website – I can’t wait to give it a spin! 🙂

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