How To – TV Mount your Sky Q Mini Box

For those with wall mounted TVs, unless you’re chasing out cable runs within the wall – of have some kind of shelf nearby. Having a set top box around can lead to untidy cables running everywhere. This is especially the case if you have a TV in an office or bedroom. The Sky Q Mini box is perfect for these spaces. Whilst in theory it needs just two wires (power and HDMI), you still need somewhere to put it. Thankfully the size of it means that you can TV Mount your Sky Q Mini Box.

Here’s what you need

Here’s how to do it

Before I continue – I want to make it clear, you’re messing around with your Sky Q Mini box here – if it breaks or something goes wrong, it’s your fault – not mine! The Command strips are non permanent, so are a good solution if you need your Sky Q Mini box repaired at any point. Each pair can hold 1kg, and as the box is only 500g, it’s sure to stay put!

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