Bosch TDS6080GB - Serie 6 Steam Generator
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It’s not the cheapest Steam Generator out there, however – it’s not the most expensive either. You’d be hard pushed to find something so full of features for the money though. Also, it’s a Bosch – you know you’re getting a quality product with excellent service and support behind it.

I’m not going to lie – I love ironing. I’m one of those strange people who likes to iron everything. Pretty much anything fabric in the house will face the steamy wrath of me at some point. I’m obssessed with ironing and cleaning – I’d never need When I was approached by Bosch to try one of their new Serie 6 Steam Generator – well, I don’t think I’ve replied to an email quicker!

Why use a Steam Generator?

I’m a fan of Steam Generators, when you spend the amount of time ironing I do, they are a must. The large water tanks, and powerful steam flow can help you speed through the pile quickly. Also, as the heating isn’t done within the iron itself, it’s a LOT lighter – there’s less aching wrists after a hot and steamy session.

The lightweight Iron of the TDS6080GB
The lightweight Iron of the TDS6080GB

Why use a Bosch TDS6080GB – Serie 6 Steam Generator?

The Bosch TDS6080GB is different to my existing Steam Generator for a lot of reasons – the main one is the ‘i-Temp’ Setting. There is one setting that covers ALL fabrics. You don’t have to adjust the temperature manually depending on what you’re ironing. There’s no need to worry if you want to switch from a heavy cotton to something delicate like wool. The TDS6080GB will sense the difference and look after your clothes.

The settings on the Bosch TDS6080
The settings on the Bosch TDS6080

There is also a ‘ProHygenic’ setting that can kill 99.9% of microbes in fabrics, without chemicals. The deep steam penetration kills germs, even on thicker fabrics, whilst the soleplate maintains a constant temperature for microbe-free laundry.

If you’re uncomfortable using ‘i-Temp’, there are also standard ‘iron’ temperature settings – there’s even a ‘Lingerie’ setting so the smallest of smalls are looked after!

The Bosch TDS6080GB in all its glory.
The Bosch TDS6080GB in all its glory.


Steam Generators are larger than standard irons, there’s no avoiding it. The Bosch TDS6080GB isn’t ‘huge’, but it certainly isn’t compact either. Built out of a tough plastic with purple accents, it’s a pretty good looking beast. It’s clearly designed for home use, rather than having the metal styling of more ‘industrial’ looking Steam Generators. I particularly like the throbbing ‘Tron’ style light on the iron itself. It gives it a ‘futuristic’ feel. Whilst perhaps not the prettiest Steam Generator going – it’s not bad at all!

The reassuring glow from the iron.
The reassuring glow from the iron.

How does it perform?

Once the reservoir is filled (use distilled water ideally – NOT ironing water), and the iron is switched on, it pulses a ‘tron’ style light for 2 minutes as it gets up to temperature. Once the iron is at the right temperature it will beep at you, and the light will just glow. You’re ready to iron!

Ironing a Linen / Cotton blend shirt and straight to...
Ironing a Linen / Cotton blend shirt and straight to…

Pressing the button on the iron produces a whopping 6 bar shot of steam into the fabric, which destroys creases. For those REALLY tricky garments, a double press of the button will fire out three SUPER strong shots of steam. The pressure of the steam, combined with the VarioComfort system gives you precision ironing faster and easier than ever before.

.. delicate 100% Merino Wool...
.. delicate 100% Merino Wool…

The ‘steam’ button is instant, there’s a ready supply of steam ‘loaded’ as you iron. Press, and the steam is there, release and it stops. I’ve had a bit of ‘Steam Lag’ on other Steam Generators where it’s taken a second for the steam to arrive. Then, once the button has been released the steam is still firing after. Nothing of the sort with this model though.

... to a 100% Cotton Shirt
… to a 100% Cotton Shirt

If the tank runs dry as you iron, it will beep three times and flash the ‘refill’ button. Simply top up the tank and press the refill button and you’re good to continue. As a safety and energy saving feature the iron switches off after 8 minutes of not being used. A simple press of the steam button will ‘wake’ it.

It’s a bit scary putting your faith and clothes into the ‘i-Temp’ system. After extensive use – it’s not let me down yet, across a multitude of this families fabrics!

Cleaning and Storage

In theory, if you use distilled water, or live in a super soft water area, the iron shouldn’t need much cleaning. If you don’t, or have hard water, thankfully cleaning isn’t too much of a chore. It has a special ‘Calc’n Clean’ setting for this very purpose, there’s no need for any chemicals.

SecureLock and load!
SecureLock and load!

The Bosch TDS6080GB Serie 6 Steam Generator is easy to store too. As well as having cable storage for the power cable, and the steam pipe, there is a ‘SecureLock’ system. The SecureLock holds the iron to the base when you’re finished with it. This allows you to carry it without worrying that the iron will fall off.


The Bosch TDS6080GB is as good as Steam Generators get. The ‘i-Temp’ setting is a marvel, and makes ironing that much quicker. I enjoyed working through my ironing pile before, I positively love it now. I think my only issue with this is that it’s not as quick to iron a top you’ve found squished at the back of a drawer that needs a quick press. It ‘feels’ a bit more of a faff to get the Steam Generator out, and put it away again. Considering the time it saves elsewhere, it’s not too much of an issue. This is something that you’ll get with ALL Steam Generators anyway.


Plus if you’re going down a Steam Generator route, you might want to look at an ironing board suitable for one. A flimsy ‘Value’ one might not take the weight of this beast – Bosch have ‘Steam Generator’ ironing boards which are perfect. Or you can just place the Base unit on a nearby surface, and have the ‘iron’ on the board as usual.

It’s not the cheapest Steam Generator out there, however – it’s not the most expensive either. You’d be hard pushed to find something so full of features for the money though. Also, it’s a Bosch – you know you’re getting a quality product with excellent service and support behind it. I would happily recommend this product to anyone. As the old saying goes ‘You get what you pay for’ and with this – it certainly rings true.

Keep an eye out for a competition where you can win your very own Bosch TDS6080GB – Serie 6 Steam Generator. Details will be up soon!

NB. Bosch sent me a TDS6080GB – Serie 6 Steam Generator to review – all words and opinions are mine.


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