Alton Towers Resort is expanding in 2017 – I’ve already written about the new CBeebies Land Hotel. Finally, Alton Towers Resort have revealed what’s happening within the Theme Park in 2017.

CBeebies Land is expanding!

In a little patch of land within CBeebies Land, the magic makers at Alton Towers have been working on two new attractions. The Furchester Hotel Live Show and Go Jetters Vroomster Zoom ride will open on 25th March for the new theme park season. These join the existing line up of 12 other attractions in CBeebies Land.

The Furchester Hotel Live Show joins Alton Towers Resort in 2017
The Furchester Hotel Live Show joins Alton Towers Resort 2017

The Furchester Hotel Live Show

Opening its doors for a brand new live and interactive show, guests can join Phoebe, Funella, Furgus, Elmo and Cookie Monster at The Furchester Hotel. Guests will make their way through the famous revolving doors before being welcomed with furry arms into the hotel. The show sees the hotel prepare for the exciting arrival of Chick Swagger, guests can sing and dance along to the rock-a-doodle-do hit – “Tail Feather Shake”

The GoJetters arrive at Alton Towers Resort in 2017
The Go Jetters arrive at Alton Towers Resort in 2017

Go Jetters Vroomster Zoom Ride

Join Kyan, Xuli, Lars and Foz on a Go Jetters global adventure as little thrill seekers fly around the world in a Vroomster,. With their very own controls, youngsters can guide their Vroomster up and down as they launch from the Jetpad to help to find Grandmaster Glitch. This super cute spinning ride is perfect for CBeebies and Go Jetter Fans.

The legend of the Chained Oak is retold at Alton Towers Resort in 2017
The legend of the Chained Oak is retold at Alton Towers Resort in 2017

Hex Returns

I’m EXTREMELY excited about this – Hex is one of the most unique dark-ride experiences in the UK. Combining local myth and the glorious Alton Towers themselves. This ride was absent from the 2016 ride roster – closed for refurbishment. Alton Towers have revealed its back for 2017. Rumoured to have restored effects – new lighting and speakers too. I’ve been on Hex every year since it opened, and I can’t wait to see it back to its original glory!

If you’re a bit of a Hex geek like myself, you might be interested some media that the British Theme Park Archive have. The first is a remix of the original Hex multitracks and the GORGEOUS swelling theme, composed by Crispin Merrell. Take a listen here.

Also, Hex used to have a VERY different pre-show video in its opening year. This was quickly scrapped, and the Jim Carter narrated epic replaced it. Thankfully the British Theme Park Archive have the original, and it’s great to see –

Hex Original Cinema Show from British Theme Park Archive on Vimeo.

The Driving School returns!

The popular Driving School returns for 2017! It was closed for redevelopment in 2016, and will be back for young drivers to enjoy again! It’s suitable for those 1m – 1.4m tall and over 4 years – I can’t wait to see J on this! It will be nice to see this all back to its former glory.

The Driving School returns to Alton Towers Resort in 2017
The Driving School returns to Alton Towers Resort in 2017

Closures, Rufurbishment and Redevelopment

Soooo. there are a few attraction subtractions at Alton Towers Resort in 2017. The ‘Twirling Toadstool’ is ‘closed for refurbishment’ – how long for? Well – it’s not clear, it could be for a few months, or the entire season. Sub Terra is listed as ‘Currently Unavailable’, which in some respects, is positive. It wasn’t open in 2016, but might it be open again in 2017? I *REALLY* hopeso – with a few tweaks, this could be a great ride experience.

Also missing from the line-up is the ‘Ice Age 4D Show’. Also, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory is still closed – I wonder if the ride will re-appear under a different guise in 2018? Fingers crossed!

Looking forward to 2018

The Flume has now been demolished to make way for SW8 – the wooden rollercoaster due to open in 2018. This area of the park is perfect for a wooden rollercoaster, and it will be great to see what they do.

It’s good to see all the work the ‘Towers TLC‘ team are up to in the closed season. They seem to be focussing on the little touches that really make the Towers shine.

Of course, it’s always disappointing when rides aren’t available, however it’s positive to see some new ones appearing. I had some brilliant times in 2016, and I can’t WAIT to get to Alton Towers Resort in 2017!

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