With a lot of changes coming to the UK Merlin Attractions in 2017, I thought it would be a good idea to do a quick round-up of everything that is happening across the major ones. I’ll no doubt be at each one a lot throughout the season to cover these additions in detail. There is a lot of investment and change coming in 2017 – so over the next few days I’ll share what’s known so far about each Resort.. I’ve already looked at Alton Towers, so today we’re looking at

Thorpe Park Resort in 2017

We were proud Ambassadors for Thorpe Park Resort in 2016, and we will continue to be in 2017! Thorpe Park Resort open their gates to the public on Thursday 23rd March 2017 and close on 1st November 2017. If you’re quick, you can grab a Thorpe Park Annual Pass in their sale for just £51.50 – saving over 25% of the standard price. Passholders are entitled to –

  • Over 200 days entry to Thorpe Park Resort
  • Invites to Exclusive Events
  • 20% Off Food and Beverages
  • 20% Off Retail
  • Up to 20% Off Thorpe Shark Hotel Stays
Full Map for Thorpe Park in 2017
Full Map for Thorpe Park in 2017

Worth every penny in my opinion! So the big news at Thorpe Park in 2017 is the opening of Derren Brown’s Ghost Train – Rise of the Demon. You’ll remember that Derren Brown’s Ghost Train opened in 2016, however 2017 sees a deeper, darker, more intense experience for guests.  The ground-breaking psychological attraction, which launched in 2016, merged five experiences: grand illusion, live action, Virtual Reality, special effects and movement. The smart ride was purpose-built for updates, meaning the experience can continuously be upgraded and changed via the VR. For year two Derren Brown and the creative team have identified an opportunity to heighten the realism of the VR experience via leveraging the behavior of guests on the ride.

When does Derren Brown’s Ghost Train – Rise of the Demon open?

Thorpe Park Resort haven’t officially announced the opening to the public as yet. However press preview will take place a few days after the park opens. In theory it could open not long this event, however, until they’ve officially announced it – you’ll just have to wait and see! I will be at the Press Preview so will give you a spoiler free review as soon as I can!

Anything else?

I’ve said before, Thorpe Park Resort makes for a good day out if you’ve got younger children – however, it’s always good to have more rides. There’s a brand new ride called ‘Timber Tug Boat’ – a Rockin’ Tug. These are, small, spinning pirate ships which are at a few Merlin Resorts. It’s  located the ‘Old Town’ area of the park which has been quieter since the Log Flume closed for redevelopment. If true, this will be a sure fire hit for families! There is also a ‘Hub’ in Old Town now that will be used for School and Corporate groups.

The ‘I’m a Celebrity Get Me Out of Here’ experience will be returning in 2017 – it won’t be open all season, but on a limited calendar –

  • Friday 31st March – Monday 1st May 2017
  • Saturday 27th May – Sunday 4th June 2017
  • Friday 30th June – Monday 4th September 2017

This attraction is most popular during the school holidays, so it’s great to have it up and running for these.

Food and Drink wise, there’s a revamped ‘Donut Shack’ by Storm Surge. Also the Coffee Shack in the Dome will now sell Costa coffee (YES!)

Fright Nights and Ministry of Sound Events make a return..

Get your raving wellies on because the iconic summer nights hosted by the Ministry of Sound will be back at Thorpe Park Resort in 2017. You can experience a unique club night like no other alongside some of the resort’s most famous rides which stay open exclusively for thrill-seeking clubbers. With promises of nonstop floor fillers and big room dance anthems, as Ministry of Sound DJs playing the latest tracks until 3am. I’ve never done one of these nights before – hopefully that’ll change this year!

I’m a massive fan of Fright Nights, and they are back at Thorpe Park Resort in 2017. Whilst the Big Top and Platform 15 are the only attractions confirmed so far, I’m sure there will be more up their fiendish sleeves. The Fright Nights are running on the 6th – 8th, 13th – 15th, 20th – 31st October 2017 – get those dates in your diary – it’s a scream – literally!

What about next year?

Hopefully 2018 will see the resurrection of the Log Flume, it’s still closed but ‘under redevelopment’ – fingers crossed this family favourite returns! Plus, the rumblings of a full on ‘Thorpe Park Resort Hotel’ are still there, so we might see a bit of movement on that. However, the Thorpe Shark Hotel is pretty good and worth a look if you want to stay over!

I can’t wait to have my first trip to Thorpe Park Resort in 2017 – It’s looking like a fun packed year on the Island like no Other!

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