How to make your Home more Child friendly

If you’re a parent, when you hear the phrase ‘child-friendly home’, images of plug socket covers probably come to mind. However, that’s not I’m talking about when I say ‘child-friendly’. What I mean is how you can create a home that’s stylish as well as suitable for kids. You probably think that’s easy, but it’s really not – I know a lot of parents who struggle to get their homes just right.

That’s why, today I’m talking child-friendly home design, and the best ways to go about it. For everything that you need to know to make your home more family focused, keep reading.


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Rip up the carpet

Children make mess; every parent knows that, which is why kids and carpet just don’t mix. The problem with carpet is that it’s just so hard to clean – stains can be impossible to get out. Even with a good clean, the chances are it’ll never be like it was before. If you have carpet in your home, especially downstairs, I urge you to rip it up.

You’ll find that by swapping to hardwood flooring, that your home is not only much easier to keep clean, but also looks more smart and stylish. It might require an investment to swap your floors to hardwood, but they’ll last far longer than carpeted floors would do. Plus, because of how easy to clean and durable they are, no matter how often they’re trampled or juice is split on them, they’ll stay looking good.

Replace Balustrades

Kids like to put body parts in places that they shouldn’t – especially heads, arms and legs! A lot of newer houses will have balustrades on the stairs with a sensible gap between them. However older houses won’t have such stringently spaced balustrades, and small people can get their extremities stuck in them. Replacing them with Glass Balustrades means there is less chance of them getting stuck.

Be selective about the paint you use

The truth is when you’ve got little ones running about, the walls in your home are going to get mucky. Think food splatters, grubby hand prints and even crayon – as a parent, it can be hard to keep your walls clean. While you can’t stop little hands making a mess, what you can do is be selective about the paint that you use.

If you want to ensure the walls in your home look good for as long as possible, choose washable paint. This is a type of paint that has a sheer finish and can be easily wiped clean to remove any marks or stains. If your kids love to draw on the walls – they’ll grow out of this habit I promise, opt for chalkboard paint. This paint is amazing as your kids can draw on the walls to their hearts content, and then when they’re done, you can just wipe it off.

Everything that’s material needs to be washable


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So we’ve established that kids make a mess, which means that the chances are anything that’s made of material is going to get mucky. We’re talking curtains, sofas, pillows, rugs, etc. – anything that’s made of material needs to be washable.

While some sofas are wipeable, such as leather and PVC ones, others aren’t as easy to clean. It’s best to opt for a couch that the slipcovers can be removed from and washed or a sofa that’s made from wipeable material. Curtains also need to be wipeable or machine washable, as do pillowcases. Anything that’s made of material needs to be easy to clean.

There you have it, all the ins and outs of child-proofing your home. Take these tips on board and you can ensure that even with kids, your home still looks smart and stylish.

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