Top Tip – Make quick Social Media ‘Covers’ with Fotor

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I’m a massive fan of the Adobe Creative Suite – however, it doesn’t really play nicely on my laptop, and won’t even work on my Chromebook. So, if I want to do any image creation when I’m using one of those, I tend to use something web-based to quickly alter / crop an image. However, if you’re starting from scratch – or want to make something like a ‘cover image’ for one of the social networks (which need perfectly sized images to work well) it’s a bit of a pain.

However, I’ve discovered Fotor – which enables you to edit images, create collages, and also design covers for Social Media. It has templates for Facebook and YouTube (and YouTube Thumbnails) out of the box. So I’ll show you how I made a quick Facebook Cover to refresh my channel.

1 – Head to and choose ‘Design’ – you can quickly sign up for free to allow you to save your work and upload your own content.

2. Hit ‘Facebook Cover ‘ – you can just as easily make YouTube Channel Art, or something with a custom size.

3. Fotor will start a tutorial showing you how everything works – have a little read so you get familiar with the layout!

4. There are a range of Templates available, which, if you’ve got no idea what you’d like, you could use as a starting point. However – I’m a bit picky, so I’m starting from scratch.

5. First we need a background – you can add you own background image, or use one of theirs – I like ‘Kip Grey’ which is #333333

6. Now I’d like to add my logo – If you hit the ‘Import’ button you can browse for the file you want to add – my Logo is already a transparent .png file, so looks when dropped in. You can stretch, resize and rotate however you like.

6. Looking good! Time to add some text in – just click on the ‘Text’ tool on the left, and place the text where you’d like it. You can change the size, font and angle with a few clicks.

7. Time to just add a little something to the right hand side, it’s looking a little sparse! So – I’ll add the cartoon of me I use on the blog. Again it’s just a case of hitting ‘Import’

8. Job done! It’s now just a case of hitting ‘Save’ and saving it to your computer as either a .jpg .png or .pdf – I’d recommend saving as a High Quality .jpg for Facebook.

It’s so simple to use Fotor and quickly refresh your social media covers with minimal hassle. Plus the good thing about using something web-based like Fotor, is when there’s an updated version, there’s no new software to install. It’s just there on the site!

What will you create with Fotor today?

Disclaimer : I received a free sub to Fotor in exchange for this post.

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