The Best PC Gaming Gear to Hit Stores in 2018

It’s never been a better time than now to be a PC gamer. The start of 2018 is marked by a load of new releases and sneak previews of the latest technologies and devices that are showcased at CES. The Consumer Electronics Show is the world’s biggest consumer technology platform, showcasing the latest technological innovations and inventions that are set for release. This year saw a healthy amount of PC hardware demos and announcements at the convention, everything from gigantic gaming monitors to wireless mechanical keyboards.

There’s loads to look forward to this year. Below, you’ll find a list of the hottest PC gaming gear to be released this year:

1 – Nvidia’s Big Format Gaming Display

One of the most exciting releases for PC gamers this year has to be Nvidia’s Big Format Gaming Display. This is a game changer, bringing high-end PC gaming to your living room. Nvidia has teamed up with a number of monitor manufacturers to merge the breathtaking performance of a gaming monitor with the size of a TV. Its Big Format Gaming Displays (BFGD) boast a 120Hz refresh rate, 4K resolution and full HDR capabilities with Nvidia Shield functionality and integrated Nvidia G-Sync technology. Its built in Shield TV means it has one of the best streaming media players out on the market today. They are slated for sale during the second half of the year although no word on what the cost of these behemoth displays are yet.

2 – Digital Storm Project Spark

From the biggest gaming monitors we’ve ever seen to the smallest, most powerful gaming PC’s ever built- 2018 has something in store for everyone, whether you want to enjoy the online baccarat Canada has to offer, or any other game whatsoever . First showcased at CES 2018, Project Spark built by boutique system builder Digital Storm, redefined what the future of PC gaming could look like with the world’s tiniest and most powerful rig. Built on the Micro STX platform, its compact size is due to Digital Storm’s hard-line cooling system. Just how compact? Well, at just 12 inches tall and as wide as a coffee cup, we’re talking pretty compact. Despite its size, it can accommodate a GTX 1080, a Core i7-8700k CPU and up to three M.2 solid state drives. Did we mention that its liquid cooled and super quiet? Sounds pretty interesting but you’ll have to wait until the second quarter of 2018 to get your hands on this tiny piece of dynamite.

3 – Asus Bezel-Free Kit

If you, like many other PC gamers, have moved over to a multi-monitor setup, you can attest to the fact that there is nothing more annoying than a monitor’s bezels interfering with your display. So let’s all start a slow cap for the guys at Asus, who as yet, are single handedly trying to rid the gaming world of this scourge with their new Bezel-free kit. The kit makes use of light refraction to simulate what the image would look like if the bezels were transparent. Asus demonstrated their kit at CES 2018, and although it’s not perfect, it looks like a pretty convincing wrap-around monitor set up. Pricing for this bad boy is still to be confirmed.

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