Cell Phone Rules For School Going Kids And Mobile Phone Parental Controls

No matter, if your kid is going to school carrying a brand new mobile device or is a smartphone pro by now, being a parent, you want your kid to understand about the dos and don’ts of having a cell phone in school. Parents can keep an eye on their kid’s attachment to their cell phones at home to a certain extent, but at school, there is not much that parents can do. Therefore, parents need to have a clear communication with their kids about their cell phone conduct at school. Like any other boundary setting, these conversations are not very welcomed by kids. But, parents need to make sure their kids understand these effective rules and luckily here are only five rules which you need to be implemented.

Here are the key guidelines for parents and their cell phone carrying kids.

1.     They Need to Pick up Important Calls only

If your kids are carrying their cell phones to school, one thing which you need to ensure them is that they are being given a privilege, they cannot take it for granted and do whatever they like. Remind them their studies and grades are most important and if their performance at school gets affected because of the cell phone, then you would restrict them to take their phones at school. Tell your kids that they need to pick up their cell phone every time they get a call from their parents. Picking up important phone calls is the only reason they are being allowed to keep a phone at school.

2.     Forbid Kids to Use Cell phone during Homework Time

Trying to do the tasks given for homework while being glued to your cell phone screen is like doing homework with earsplitting music in a big group. Kids would rarely be able to do their school work competently while having the temptation of checking their phone notifications continuously. Therefore, parents need to establish ‘No cellphone’ rule during the homework time. Ask them to turn off their phone or keep it in a drawer as long as they are not done with their homework.

3.     Ensure that They Use Their Cellphones Positively

As a parent, you can notice all kinds of mischief being done with the help of the phone. Remind your kids that they are not allowed to take pictures of other students without their consent. Most kids even make videos and snaps of their teachers and turn these visuals into memes to make fun of them on social networking sites. These actions can embarrass or hurt the feelings of other people and may turn into a series of cyberbullying.

To make all this happen, parents are suggested to take the assistance of mobile phone parental controls rendered through digital apps such as FamilyTime. Having this app in hand, parents can check contacts of their kids, Watchlist suspicious contacts, monitor web history, used apps and much more. The FamilyTime mobile phone parental control app even allows parents to limit the screen time of their kids and lock their mobile devices for a certain period of time. For instance, parents can lock their kid’s phone using FamilyTime dashboard during their homework time. Parents can simply download FamilyTime from Google play store, iTunes.


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