Cut The Cost Of Driving With These Thrifty Tips

Goodness, isn’t driving expensive? I have been at it for decades and must have spent a fortune! The worst thing is I have never been able to find a way to cut the cost of getting behind the wheel. Sure, there have been a few cheaper insurance premiums here and there, and the price of petrol drops from time to time, but nothing significant. Not until now, anyway. A word of warning, though – the tips are long term, and you might not see huge savings straight away. But stick to them and you’ll notice a change. Are you ready? Put your belt on, then, because it’s time to go.

Buy A Second-Hand Car

One of my biggest expenses is buying a new car. And, trust me – I love the idea of buying a new motor! There’s something about the feel and the smell that makes me twinge with excitement. What I have come to realise, however, is the adrenaline rush isn’t worth the cost. A rush of blood for a few grand? Even the biggest petrolhead will admit it isn’t exactly a bargain. A bargain is a second-hand car. The used car industry is full of great motors which are just as good as a new car. If funds are a little short, consider a installment loans by Northcash.


Car Pool

Carpooling is a new phenomenon which I love. I mean, I haven’t exactly done it yet, but I do love the idea. It is simple: a person going on a journey advertises the fact on a site like Liftshare, and people that want a lift tag along. For the person driving, the benefit is being able to charge money. The money can go toward the overall cost and maintenance of the car, which makes owning and driving one a lot cheaper. Plus, I think it’d be cool to meet new people every day. You know, as long as they aren’t serial killers.

Sweat The Small Stuff

Does the engine make a sound it shouldn’t, or is there a rattling noise? If the answer is ‘yes,’ it’s time to get down to the mechanics and ask them their expert opinion. I have been burned so many times by not sweating the small stuff that I reckon it has cost me a small fortune. The reason is simple – small problems escalate into bigger ones. And the bigger ones are catastrophic. So, something like a rattling noise might not seem problematic now, but it will when you’re on the hard shoulder of the motorway. The bill will also be problematic because car repairs don’t come cheap. If only I had fixed the little things earlier I might be able to afford a Bugatti…

Okay, I wouldn’t have, but I still would have saved a fortune!

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