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Before we eloped to New York, Mrs H and me hadn't been sleeping well at all. Something wasn't quite right. When we got to our hotel and went to bed, we sunk into the memory foam mattress and had the best sleep we'd had in a long time. It was immediately clear we needed a new mattress. When we got home, our quest began for a better night's sleep. We tried so many mattresses in every mattress shop going. There was one in IKEA that was good, but not quite right. I remembered that one of these 'online' mattresses was available offline, in John Lewis. We dashed over to John Lewis Bluewater one night, not long before closing and found the Simba Mattress. We both lay on it, and let the memory foam gently consume us. "It's just like the one from the hotel" Mrs H beamed.

It was - The Simba Mattress was perfect.

Whilst you can go into any John Lewis store in the country and try the Simba Mattress out (unlike a lot of 'online' mattresses) - you can't spend the night on it. Thankfully Simba will give you 100 nights to try their mattress at home too. They'll deliver it free of charge, and if you're not satisfied with it, they'll refund you in full, and come and collect it. Any returned mattresses are donated to charity.  On top of this, the Simba Mattress has a 10 year guarantee.

The Simba Mattress in the box

The Simba Mattress in the box

Ordering and Delivery

As I mentioned you can get a Simba Mattress from John Lewis, it's available from Argos too. If you go direct to Simba, as well as being able to choose courier delivery, you can also choose '2 Man' delivery. This delivery method means that they can deliver to a room of your choice, and / or remove your old mattress too. If you choose to have a 2 Man delivery with removal of your old mattress and you return your Simba Mattress within the 100 night trial you won't get your old one back. They remove and recycle it. So bare that in mind!

Ordering online via the Simba site is pretty straightforward, you can add discount codes. Speaking of which, Kip readers can get a £50 off voucher via email if you enter your email address here. Generally delivery can be made in a day or two. Our delivery wasn't as seamless as I'd have hoped - it was delayed by the snow downfall. On the morning of delivery I'd fought to get our old mattress in the car to take it to tip. The delivery was cancelled, so I had to get it out again. Simba were extremely apologetic, and we got a delivery slot a few days later. As well as delivering the new Simba Mattress, they took the old one away too. They also sent us some Simba Hybrid Pillows as an apology which was very kind.

Unboxing the Simba Mattress

The Simba Mattress comes in a box - inside which you'll find the mattress, rolled and wrapped tightly, some simple instructions and a handy cutting tool. You place the rolled mattress on the bed, and cut the plastic. As the mattress comes of the sealed packaging it unfolds and starts to puff up. Just make sure it's sitting in the right place, and et' voila - after 3-5 hours it's ready to sleep on!

I filmed an 'Unboxing' video on YouTube so you can see the process sped-up in just over 2 minutes.

The mattress does have a slight smell when it's new. It's like the 'new car smell' of the mattress world. It's not an offending odour and it diffuses in a few days. The Simba Mattress is happy on most bases, whether you have a divan, or a slatted base. Ours is slatted, and it sits comfortably on there. They recommend 30 days for the mattress to 'bed in', however I was satisfied after the first night.

The Simba Mattress and Simba Pillows ready for sleeping on!

The Simba Mattress and Simba Pillows ready for sleeping on!

Sleeping on the Simba Mattress

Sleeping on the Simba Mattress is a bit strange to begin with. As you lie on it, the memory foam starts to 'absorb' you. You're not sucked into the depths of it. Nothing like that, it just supports you, gently - it's like lying on a cloud. Usually I lay on my back, and then roll to my side. As I do this, the Simba Mattress adapts and instantly changes to support your new position. It's a little surreal to start with, however you quickly adapt. As I lie into it and it supports me, I can almost feel every stress and tightness in my body drift away as it slowly moulds to my body. When I received the Simba I had one of my regular back twinges, however after the first night it was improved. After the second, it was gone.

Unlike a lot of the mattress we tried, this isn't just a foam one. It's a hybrid mattress which uses both foam, and springs (2500 conical ones to be precise). It's made of 5 different layers. So whilst the top is soft and supple, the following ones offer support akin to a more 'traditional' mattress.

Inside the Simba Mattress

Inside the Simba Mattress

We've had ours for around a month now, and it has completely changed the way we both sleep in such an incredible way. We've found that the since sleeping on the Simba Mattress we fall to sleep SO quickly. As well as that we're sleeping longer, and uninterrupted too - it really is INCREDIBLE. I wish we'd investigated a new mattress sooner, as it could have saved so many sleepless nights! We're using this mattress without a topper, it's recommended by Simba that you don't use one. If you have one that's too thick it could impair the way the mattress works. If you use one as 'protection' Simba actually sell their own protector which I'm considering purchasing. Also you don't need to 'flip' the mattress - just rotating it sufficient.

Shout Out to the Simba Hybrid Pillow

Although this review is for the Simba Mattress, the Simba Hybrid Pillows are equally as incredible. Inside them are 'Nano Tubes' which are like large squishy memory foam tubes. You can remove some of them to change the firmness of the pillow. We've left ours fully stuffed as we both like a firm pillow, but if your requirements ever change, you can tweak the firmness. The Simba Hybrid Pillows also have a soft, quilted, breathable and washable cover. At £65 per pillow, they aren't cheap - however they are a quality product and worth every single penny.

A partnership for sleep heaven


As you might have guessed, I do love the Simba Mattress. Starting at £399 for a single, they aren't the cheapest mattress out there. However, they certainly aren't the most expensive. Some of the ones I saw in stores were in excess of £2000. However, when you think about the amount of time you spend in bed - it's not a massive expense. Simba offer a 10 year guarantee on their products so you can be confident it will stand the test of time.

I must admit, I was initially dubious of getting one of these 'online' mattresses - there are a LOT of them about. However I found reassurance in the fact that you can go and try one in John Lewis to start with. As well as having the 100 Night Trial too, you get added reassurance. Obviously if you're not completely sure you'll enjoy it after 100 nights, you'll need to store your old mattress. However, I'm pretty certain you'll love the Simba Mattress. It's given us over a month of brilliant sleep, and I'm confident that it will give us MANY more.

If you're interested in getting your own Simba Mattress, you can go here and get a £50 off code emailed to you.

Disclaimer - Simba sent us this mattress in return for a full and honest review and an unboxing video. All views and opinions are my own. I also receive a financial reward in return for each Simba Mattress sold using the affiliate links.

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    Did they recommend using a mattress topper, or do you have one too?
    Is a Simba mattress meant to be turned or flipped at all?
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