4 Things You Should Always Buy Second Hand

When you have kids, your wallet will suddenly seem a lot lighter than it ever did before, and that means that in some places in your life you will need to tighten your belt as you reevaluate your spending habits and budget. Buying second-hand can be the best way to do just that; not only can it save you money, but it is also ideal for those environmentally-friendly individuals.

Designer Clothes

If you love designer clothes, you’ll know that they cost a fortune (that’s the point of them to some extent). However, you don’t have to buy them new; if you’re quick enough, you can find second-hand garments that are still in season. There are websites dedicated to selling second-hand designer clothes, so you can always snap up a bargain. Don’t forget the charity shops either; you can often find a whole range of great designer clothes in them, some of them hardly worn (if ever) at half the price or even less than you would have to pay for them brand new. They may take some hunting down, but that’s part of the fun.

Baby Clothes

Initially, people may balk at the idea of buying their baby’s clothes second-hand, but it can actually be a huge relief to the bank account, and you can end up with many more items than you would be able to buy for the same price new. Babies go through a lot of clothes, so having a backup wardrobe of second-hand stuff is useful. Not only do they outgrow their wardrobe quickly, but they’re messing creatures who will constantly be spilling or messing over their clothes, sometimes to the point of disrepair. Good quality, barely worn clothes are just waiting for you to take them home.


People sell their old (and not so old) furniture for many different reasons, and you could benefit hugely from that. Today, furniture is so easy to come by that whenever someone fancies something different, moves home and finds their old sofa and dining table don’t fit or look out of place, or even if they’ve just changed their minds about something they recently bought, they will replace it. That leaves you to find some excellent bargains. A cot, a toddler bed, a couch, a kitchen table, a coffee table… whatever you need, you’ll be able to find it. For such bargains, look through the for sale ads in the local paper, or searching online; Facebook marketplace or Gumtree are great places for such bargains. You might even be able to get something for free through the Freecycle community.


Buying a second-hand car is probably the best way to invest in a vehicle. Buying new is nice, there is a certain feeling of pride when you have a brand new car, but buying a used Audi A1, for example, makes much more sense than buying something that has just come off the assembly line. Buying a new car means that you’ll lose money right away – once you drive it away from the garage, you’ll have lost thousands. That’s not the case with a second-hand car, especially a good quality one. Plus you can pick up a used car that has barely done any miles at all and is in great condition for a much lower price than buying something that has no miles on the clock.

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